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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

when skangs collide

The Hutch IRA skang gang has shot another human being to death in the streets of Dublin.
They've been taking pot shots at members of the Kinahane IRA skang gang for months now.
And vice versa.
Of course murdering each other in the streets does not distract any faction of the IRA from its core business of dealing poisons to our children.
Here's a thought.
Why not get our useless overpaid corrupt police force to arrest and incarcerate all members of the Hutch and Kinahane IRA skang gangs?
Why not intern them without trial?
Why not deploy our police to every street corner as the gangs have done with their own enforcers?
Let's be clear.
I'm not asking our police force to arrest and incarcerate the gangs' cars and motorbikes as was done in a flurry of publicity recently.
I'm asking them to arrest the gang members themselves.
And incarcerate them.
Ireland has had enough of them.
We want them gone.


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