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Saturday, April 16, 2016

the bould rebelles

(celebrating the 1916 Rising with the Heelers Diaries)

The musician and humanitarian activist Bob Geldoff has written an article about the 1916 Rising.
You'll forgive me if I'm respectful of the gallant little Belgian for once but actually I admire the courage and insight of some of what he wrote on this occasion.
He compared Padraic Pearse and his gunmen to Jihadis.
I admire Mr Geldoff for breaking ranks to say this.
I don't agree with him though.
The Jihadis are a different category of evil.
As will become apparent when they begin to rule us directly.
Padraic Pearse's revolution is not like Jihad.
Padriac Peares's revolution is more likenable to the wave of similarly inspired socialist marxian revolutions that engulfed the world in the twentieth century.
Padraic Pearse's saddling of Ireland with a tradition of blood letting slaughter, is to my mind similar to what Lenin and Stalin did to Russia, and to what Chairman Mao did to China, and to what Pol Pot did to Cambodia, and to what Soviet agitators did to the entire continent of Africa, and to Cuba and to a goodly portion of Central and South America.
They started an atheistic killing spree.
And they were never quite able to switch it off.
Untold millions dead in Russia. At least sixty million dead in China. A quarter of the population dead in Cambodia. Africa still a charnel house half a century after its first socialist revolutions.
And unfathomably more millions killed in all these countries by the abortion culture that inevitably followed these hideous atheistic enslavements of the human race.
The only difference gentle travellers between Padraic Pearse's revolution and Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot's ones, is that in Ireland the terror never really became general because of the Christianity of the Irish people.
The Christianity of the Irish people restrained and haltered the mayhem that Padraic Pearse and his gunmen would otherwise have unleashed.
Padraic Pearse did not establish the Irish nation.
The Irish nation is older than any revolution.
The Irish people are older than any socialist ideology.
Ireland became Ireland when Saint Patrick brought Christianity to us.
That is all.


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