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Saturday, April 16, 2016

giving the jihadis the war they won't believe

The pop singer Bonio has testified to an American Congressional Committee on what he believes is the best way to deal with the world wide Muslim terror armies threatening humanity. (My words, not his.)
Bonio suggested: "We should send comedians like Katie Schumer and Chris Rock to Raqaa. When you make fun of them as they goose step down Main Street, you take away their power."
Oh dear.
Have you ever had that vague unsettling feeling that some of our pseudo elites may be underestimating the nature of the Muslim threat?
Some points.
Firstly, Muslim terrorists do not now nor have they ever goose stepped.
Secondly, sending in Chris Rock and Katie Schumer would clearly breach Bonio's beloved Geneva Convention.
Thirdly, the Jihadis would kill Chris Rock and Katie Schumer in a heartbeat either before or after the first unfunny joke. Probably before.
So obviously I'm supporting Bonio on this with the only proviso being that I think he should go too.


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