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Monday, May 02, 2016


The mind boggles at the notion of eternity.
It's not God that's hard to believe in.
Nor is it mindless energy as a creative force that is hard to believe in.
It is the eternal element in our consideration of the universe which in our more self reflective moments tends to stump religionists and atheistic scientists equally.
Between an eternal God who creates a universe,
An eternally existing energy which creates a universe,
I suggest it is, in terms of purely philosophical credibility, a Fifty/Fifty call.
If the notion of eternity was my only reference point, I would be an agnostic.
For a million other reasons, perhaps an eternity of reasons, love, friendship, animals, plants, flowers, the cosmic battle, oceans, rivers, sunshine, rain, wind, the Church, providence, mountains, forests, intimations of truth, women, music, song, science itself, languages, the Bible, the Jews, for all of these, I believe in God.
If our intellects perceived more completely, I would think even the Fifty/Fifty call would be a slam dunk for the Lord.
What is amazing to me is that otherwise quite brilliant atheistic scientists cannot bring themselves to admit it is a Fifty/Fifty call.


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