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Saturday, April 23, 2016

top ten reasons not to support donald trump as a candidate for the american presidency under any circumstances

1. The British Broadcasting Corporation is alleging Donald Trump has extensive direct links to the Genovese crime family, one of the five known Italian mafias which still dominate commercial, civil and political life in New York city. I am content that the BBC is correct in this matter.

2. Mr Trump's assertion that President Bush lied to bring about the Iraq war is an egregiously false and traitorous claim and gives succour to the world wide Muslim terror army currently seeking to enslave humanity.

3. Donald Trump is not a successful businessman. Mr Trump has declared bankruptcy four times, each time simply refusing to repay billions of dollars that he owed to banks which should never have lent to him in the first place and should certainly never have lent to him again after his first billion dollar bankruptcy. Robbing banks through borrowings is a classic modern mafia methodology. Mafia proxies on the bank's staff give an illegal billion dollar loan to a mafia proxy posing as a businessman, in this case, or more correctly in each of the four known cases involving Donald Trump, Donald Trump himself was that mafia proxy. The loans were held through convoluted corporate legal title that prevented Donald Trump from being held personally liable for the billions of dollars he had stolen through loans he never intended to repay. The same method for bank robbery was used in Ireland by the IRA when its proxies Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm in the management of Anglo Irish Bank awarded billion dollar loans to IRA proxy businessman Sean Quinn.

4. Donald Trump's claims to be currently managing a company worth ten billion dollars are not substantiated by any proper external audit. His present companies, like his previous bankrupt mafia shells, are built on borrowings concealed through accountancy tricks.

5. Mr Trump's insult to candidate Carly Fiorina's looks is an indicator of a serious character deficiency in Mr Trump.

6. Mr Trump's insult to candidate Rand Paul's looks, is an indicator of a serious character deficiency in Mr Trump..

7. Mr Trump's insult to the looks of the wife of candidate Ted Cruz, is an indicator of a serious character deficiency in Mr Trump.

8. I suggest that beyond a reasonable doubt Mr Trump has links to a current smear against his main rival in which a tabloid newspaper falsely claims candidate Ted Cruz has five mistresses. One of the fake mistresses is a Trump attache. Her denial of the truth of the smear was a ploy, intended to create plausible deniability for Mr Trump as to his sponsorship of the smear.

9. Mr Trump is correct in advocating the reestablishment and enforcement of our borders but his doing so is a manipulation of public concerns. Sometimes the devil quotes scripture, It should not impress us when he does.

10. In my opinion, Mr Trump is absolutely correct to suggest we should prevent Muslims entering out countries until the world wide Muslim Jihad against humanity has been dealt with. However his advocacy on this matter is again a manipulation of public concerns.

11. Donald Trump's use of internet trolling techniques to intimidate opponents and interviewers, is an indicator that he is not in any sense a sincere or decent man.

12. He is a dangerous man manipulating decent people.


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