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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

donald trump's hostile takeover of the republican party in america

My predictions...
Various respected and some not so respected Republican party members will never support Donald Trump in any way.
Mr Trump calls them elites but they are people who have submitted to the electorate at election time and therefore they are not elites.
They are honorable servants of the people appointed by the people.
Here is the news.
Mr Trump's former rival for the Republican presidential nomination Ted Cruz will never support Donald Trump. Mr Trump's insults to Mr Cruz' wife, his additional libels against Mr Cruz father, and his association with those systematically slandering Mr Cruz via media, mean Mr Cruz would not spit on Trump if he was on fire.
Marco Rubio will never support Donald Trump for similar reasons.
Jeb Bush will never support Donald Trump, nor will any member of the Bush family or the town former Presidents George Bush for similar reasons.
Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will never support Donald Trump.
Republican leader Paul Ryan will never support Donald Trump.
These are decent people.
Trump has burnt his bridges with them.
How much more will he burn to get his hands on the Presidency?
There is a broad constituency of decency in America which often but not always votes Republican.
This constituency will never vote for Donald Trump.
That is all.


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