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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

providence and protestants

I regard Protestantism as one of God's greatest gifts to the Catholic Church.
Even early in our 500 year old quarrel, the critique of Protestants helped Catholics towards self reflection and reform.
Much later the Protestants of Britain have given beautiful example in knowledge of the Bible.
They have led us to the scriptures.
In America in many cases it is Protestants who have shown us how to defend the sanctity of life of the unborn child.
On the mystical front, the cool assessment of Protestant thinking regarding some Catholics enthusiasms for saints, can help Catholics in adopting a measured stewardship of our ancient traditions of faith, particularly vis a vis the supernatural reality of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
We should be aware that certain adventurist or even evil minded participants in our Church would willingly deem Mary a person of the godhead, thereby quite possibly disrupting the central tenet of all our faith regarding the immutability of God, and leading us in a welter of warm fuzzy feelings into goddess worship.
The Protestants have been a blessing to Christianity.
An enemy who points out my failings is not my enemy for so doing.
We are an act of friendship from being as one.


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