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Friday, June 03, 2016

archie and hutch

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has spoken out against the Hutch IRA mafia skang gang.
You're arriving a little late at this party Archie.
Ho hum.
Meanwhile as expressly instructed by Archie, ordinary priests and nuns are compelled to profane the sanctity of the Faith by conducting glamorous Catholic funerals for drug dealing Hutch IRA gangbangers killed in the course of their gang war with that other notorious drug dealing IRA faction the Kinahan gang which is also incidentally as per your instructions accustomed to receiving glamorous Catholic funerals profaning our churches and our communities whenever one of their blitzers gets iced on his own petard.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
But Archie if you really oppose the Hutch IRA murder gang, why not simply prohibit Catholic funerals for Hutch IRA gang bangers?
Instead of leaving any act of defiance of the IRA to lowly isolated priests, and nuns, and, er, me?
It is interesting to note that the most anti Catholic newspaper group in Western Europe, styled Independent Newspapers, continues its efforts to promote Archie as the head of the Catholic church in Ireland by glowingly publishing his every pronouncement on diverse matters.
If Archie is not what I say he is (a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, ie an IRA skang banger himself) then what the hell is he?
In any case he remains (regardless of what I think of him) a regional Archbishop, roundly distrusted by other Bishops and priests and nuns and believing Christians generally, for his willingness in collusion with Independent Newspapers, along with the Stalinist State broadcaster RTE and the bankrupt Bolshevick Irish Times, to contrive for ye aforementioned Bishops, priests, nuns and faithful, a presumption of guilt re their handling of sex abuse cases forty years ago and to remove from them the right to defend themselves when their reputation is impugned by showboating scoundrels in politics and media,
Archie is most assuredly not head of anything Catholic in Ireland.


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