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Thursday, June 02, 2016

retired police officer alan baileys comments regarding annie mccarrick

Alan Bailey is a retired Irish police officer who spent some years in charge of Operation Trace which was supposed to be targeting those responsible for the disappearance, torture and murder of human beings in Ireland.
As regards the more high profile cases, Mr Bailey and his team singularly failed to get results.
They rescued no one.
They convicted no murderers.
They brought no one to trial.
Recently Mr Bailey told reporters that there were no serial killers in Ireland.
His statement flies in the face of what other expert police officers have stated and believe.
His statement also flies in the face of what international experts from the FBI have stated and believe.
Mr Bailey has claimed that in the case of one missing woman, Annie McCarrick, he has received information that she may have been killed by a supposed IRA hitman, now said (by Mr Bailey) to be living in America.
If such a fellow exists, and is not merely an excuse for Mr Bailey's failure to capture the real culprits, it is time to bring him home and to find out if there is any reason to suggest he was responsible for the death of Annie McCarrick.
We need to re-establish public confidence in the police in this matter and to rule out any possibility that elements of the Irish police force weren't really trying to capture Larry Murphy and his coven and any other serial killers who are loose in our country.


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