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Saturday, May 28, 2016

charter for a new political party in ireland

1. Repudiate abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

2. Elect the Judiciary. Allow any citizen to stand for election as Judge in order to break the monopoly on Jurisprudence established by unrepresentative unelected leftist colleges in Ireland. End the IRA mafia's infiltration of the Judiciary.

3. End unemployment by assigning an intern to every public sector government employee (State employees including teachers, nurses, police, soldiers, lawyers, television broadcasters, parliamentarians) on salaries above 80 thousand Euro a year, whereby the mentor awards 10 thousand of his own salary to the intern, which is joined to the 8 thousand unemployment benefit which the intern is already receiving to give a starting salary of 18 thousand.

4. Permit high rise sky scraper developments in Dublin and all Irish cities.

5. Establish anti rackateering divisions in the police force, dedicated to individual mafias, ie an anti IRA division, an anti Cosa Nostra division, an anti Al Qaeda division, an anti Chinese Triads division, an anti Russian mafia division, an anti Nigerian Devil Worshipper mob division, an anti Tinker Gang division etc. Make the new police divisions results driven. Issue six monthly progress reports from each division, numbers of arrests, expulsions, and seizures of assets.

6. End white collar criminal Denis O'Brien's control of Independent Newspapers and associated media groups, and sequester Denis O'Brien and his family's billion dollar assets on the grounds that their fortune was founded on bribes to a corrupt Fine Gael Communications Minister styled Michael Lowry, as already delineated by Judicial enquiry.

7. Issues public shares in the State broadcaster RTE, with citizens being awarded shares based on the number of television licences they have purchased over the years. Elect the governing body of RTE through universal suffrage of shareholders. End the IRA mafia's infiltration of RTE.

8. Deregulate broadcasting in Ireland. Permit political parties to establish their own television stations. Permit any citizen to establish television or radio broadcasting entities.

9. Incarcerate gangland figures in dispersed prisons overseas, preferably in Russia. Intern members off the Kinahane IRA skang gang without trial overseas. Ditto the Hutch IRA skang.

10. Re establish our border and enforce it.

11. Anathematise the IRA.

12. Permit universal suffrage of adult citizens in senate elections.

13. Permit any adult citizen to stand for the Presidency.

14. Impeach  Judge Kevin O'Higgins for his report whitewashing the manifold corruptions of Former Justice Minister Alan Shatter and former Police Commissioner Martin Callanan. Impeach Judge Mary Ellen Ring for attempting to stifle public awareness of endemic police corruption in Ireland by advocating the criminalistion of members of the public whose criticisms of the police were deemed by her and her ilk to be vexatious.


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