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Saturday, May 21, 2016

ireland narco mafia state

IRA mafioso capo Sean Quinn has once again gone through the motions of a staged public departure from the companies he once used to bankrupt Ireland during the multi billion dollar IRA bank heist that was the Anglo Irish Bank collapse.
The companies into which Quinn had only recently forced his way back with the help of a Fine Gael Councillor styled John McCartin, are now (apparently legitimately) owned by American financial insitutions.
Some months ago the Americans had caved in to IRA threats by rehiring IRA capo Sean Quinn as an advisor to the companies he originally bankrupted on behalf of the IRA when he allowed them to be manipulated as a cover for the IRA's looting of Anglo Irish Bank, a looting that took place disguised as illegal billion dollar loans to the aforementioned IRA capo Sean Quinn's aforementioned IRA controlled front companies.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
In 2008 using the same companies which were then controlled by Quinn as their proxy, the IRA looted the bank and afterwards used a corrupt Fianna Fail government under Prime Minister Brian Cowan and a now conveniently deceased Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, to force the Irish people to bail out Anglo to the tune of untold billions of dollars.
The IRA also used borrowings from the IRA's own fully controlled Anglo Irish Bank to facilitate IRA capo Sean Quinn in purchasing a quarter of the ownership shares in Anglo Irish Bank.
The money the IRA were stealing from Anglo Irish Bank disguised as fake loans to Sean Quinn was being lent to Anglo Irish Bank in the first place by international financial entities.
That's right. The Irish people are currently paying the IRA terrorist mafia's debts to the IRA terrorist mafia's creditors.
Remember that all this time the IRA had beneficial control of Anglo Irish Bank and was lending to itself as a way to disguise its instutionalised burglarisation of its own bank.
As stated, Anglo was borrowing the money internationally which it then gave to IRA capo Sean Quinn and his hideous family to launder into Russia and Ukraine.
That's the reason Ireland entered the Third World overnight in the year 2008.
To facilitate the IRA's robbery of its own bank.
That's the reason we're impoverished.
That's the reason for the suicides.
That's the reason for the ruined lives.
That's the reason our towns and villages are run by IRA skang gangs such as the Hutch gang, the Kinahan mob, the McCarthy Dundon gang, et al. (Particularly Al. I hate him.)
We've been bankrupted and a hundred generations of Irish people have been bankrupted, solely in order to cover up the IRA's organised collapsing of its own bank.
Earlier this year as mentioned above, Sean Quinn, using IRA hitmen to intimidate the American Fund managers who now own his former IRA front companies, had forced his way back into the same companies which he originally used as proxies for the IRA's illegal theft of billions of dollars disguised as loans to Sean Quinn.
Then a few weeks ago IRA capo Sean Quinn's spokesman Ronan McMurderer announced to the American Financial Institutions who now rightfully own those companies that Sean Quinn was "increasingly dissatisfied with his role as an advisor," and wanted to own the companies again.
The IRA mafia are a howl aren't they.
The subsequent public cynicism seems to have moderated their strategy however, hence today's faked departure of IRA capo Sean Quinn from the companies.
I tell you his removal is fake.
He has been permitted to retain a right of access to the headquarters of the companies he used to bankrupt Ireland on behalf of the drug dealing, people trafficking, child abusing, prostitution rackateering, bank robbing, society ruining, nation bankrupting, IRA.
So he's not gone.
He's still there.
In other news, the Chief of the Irish Police Force one Noirin O'Sullivan who stated a few months ago that she wasn't sure if the IRA existed or not, is also holding on to her job.


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