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Sunday, July 24, 2016

considerations of islam

1. It is often said that the number of books published in the Western World each year far exceeds the total ever published in those parts of the world where Islam predominates. I think we can probably recognise that this figure should be contextualised with the consideration that about 99 percent of books published in the Western World ever, are nearly entirely without merit.

2. Muslims are correct when they say that certain revealing and louche modes of dress and behaviour prevailing in Western cultures, in cinema and in the performance of popular music, are hugely disruptive for males and females of all age groups and backgrounds.

3. The best Christian apologist of the moment is in my view the American philosopher David Wood. Mr Wood is also quite knowledgeable in matters relating to Islam. He has a small weakness though for responding directly to internet postings purporting to be from Muslims and intended to provoke him. The problem with the Internet is that many of these types of provocation are carried out by vexatious individuals who rarely if ever correctly identify themselves. My concern would be that those people attempting to provoke Mr Wood may not be Muslims at all and are not worthy of his attention.

4. I have suggested the young Muslim males are significantly disrupted by their exposure to pornography and to the psycho sexual violence in cinema and video games. The psychoticism of some Jihadis may be caused as much by these dysfunctions in Western culture as by anything in the Quran.

5. God will not uphold the Western World if we do not deserve to be upheld. We should turn our backs on abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, pornography, drug dealing and fornication. We should repent of our iniquities in sack cloth and ashes. Otherwise our culture will go the way of the Aztecs, the Apaches and the Thugee Cult. We cannot be sure of victory. We can only deserve it. At the moment we do not deserve it.


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