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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

saddest ironies at the end of the world

Reading Michael Jansen a correspondent whose writings on the Middle East have appeared for many years in the bankrupt Irish Times newspaper.
I have just been told Michael Jansen is a Muslim.
A little vein on my forehead is throbbing.
I think the Irish Times might have made Michael Jansen's adherence to the peace loving religion of Islam clear to its readers earlier. I mean earlier in Michael Jansen's decades long apologia for Muslim terrorism masquerading as reportage of the Middle East in the pages of the Irish Times.
It would have been nice that's all.
To let us know.
That this character continually excoriating Israel, America, Britain, President Bush, and Prime Minister Blair, in general, and the war against Muslim Terrorism in particular, was herself a partisan adherent of the Muslim faith.
Instead I've watched and wondered as Michael Jansen moved seamlessly from rather blatant advocacy of soviet backed thug Muslim dictators in years past to her present day manipulations of truth on behalf of Jihadis and the Caliphate.
This was the character we allowed to impugn Mr Bush and Mr Blair our wartime leaders.
Nobody cried stop.
The phrase Michael Jansen used today that caught my eye was a quote from the Quran.
Michael Jansen was suggesting that her quote "There shall be no compulsion in religion," is somehow indicative of the overall tenor and direction of the Quran.
It isn't.
The Quran and the recorded sayings of the Prophet Muhammed known as the Hadith, are full of instructions to destroy all non Muslims.
That's why we're in the middle of a world wide Jihad war.
Thanks a bunch Prophet Muhammed.
There shall be no compulsion in religion indeed.
Except for people who don't believe in your one.
I'm not so different to Michael Jansen.
Ten years ago in a welter of wishful thinking, I had myself half persuaded it might be true that the religion of Islam could be peaceful and that the terrorists who use it as their guiding ideology were simply an aberration blotting an otherwise holy faith.
An internet blogger styling himself Pochuychev suggested in a comment on my website at the time that I knew nothing about the Quran.
Mr Pochuychev was of course absolutely correct.
The last ten years of burgeoning Jihad mayhem have given me ample time to recognise that fact.
But Michael Jansen seems incapable of admitting she's ever been wrong.
Michael Jansen still refuses to recognise or report that Muslim Jihadis are engaged in an all out terrror war against the human race.
Her naive anti Americanism formerly and shamelessly deployed on behalf of Muammar Qadaffi in Libya, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, and the Assad family dictatorship in Syria, has since morphed seamlessly into a monolithic acquiescence to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Isis and the Caliphate.
The West is always to blame in Michael Jansen's universe.
Muslims are never responsible for their own psychoticism as far as she is concerned.
She's like Michael Moore on amphetamines.
And the Irish Times (bankrupt, bolshevick, IRA infiltrated, at one time Soviet controlled, and still virulently anti Christian) this same Irish Times I say, didn't even trouble to tell us that their Middle Eastern correspondent was rooting for the Jihadis this past forty years because she was one of them.
Here is the news.
The Irish Times is bankrupt not because of the internet.
The Irish Times is bankrupt because of its failure to exhibit even basic standards of truth, probity and integrity in being open about the agendas of its contributors. I mean its failure to exhibit those things ever.
It is interesting to note that at present the Irish Times is lobbying the Irish government to tax internet companies Google and Facebook, and to give the proceeds to the Irish Times.
Although I hold no brief for Google or Facebook, I am opposed on principle to my government taxing profitable international companies on behalf of bankrupt IRA run front operations which either deliberately with malice aforethought as part of a leftist conspiracy or through  sins of moral omission in incompetently failing to make clear the partisan prejudices of their contributors, have become complicit in world wide Jihad.


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