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Thursday, July 21, 2016

the story of my argument with the greatest american political commentators of the age

Laura Ingraham: Acquiesced to Trump and now endorses him. When the cameras are off, she also appears on occasion to be quite uncivil towards people forced to work with her at Fox News.

Ann Coulter: Acquiesced to Trump and has endorsed him.

Sean Hannity: Acquiesced to Trump, and has effectively endorsed him.

Mark Steyn: Acquiesced to Trump and then appeared to go absent without leave when it became clear that Trump was somewhat lacking in certain qualities and that perhaps a little modest criticism might be in order. As Trump moved towards winning the Republican Party nomination Steyn stopped updating his open access website altogether. It was most extraordinary. A normally verbose and prolific commentator, Steyn has written nothing salient to warn of what I regard as Trump's adventurism and/or wrong mindedness, nothing about Trump's gratuitous insults to another candidate's wife, not a jot on the matter of Trump's disgraceful attempts to criminalise President Bush for Bush's decision to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein's murderocracy. Perhaps Steyn regards these matters differently to me. But Steyn was a strong apparently sincere apologist for the Iraq War. If he has changed his views, I think the least he might do is let those of us who were influenced by him, and more importantly the families of those who fought for us in Iraq, know precisely why his views have changed. This would be more honorable than simply disappearing off the stage to supposedly research a new book while a pirate seizes control of the Republican Party. (No disrespect to the Trumps. They know they're pirates.)


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