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Thursday, July 14, 2016

goutman returns

The Chief of Police couldn't quite suppress a startled shudder on becoming aware of a dark presence standing in close proximity to him in his private office.
No one had entered by the door, he was sure.
"What are you doing here?" demanded the Chief quickly regaining control.
A dark caped figure stepped wordlessly into the light.
"You've got problems with your joints," said the stranger.
"Well yes, the IRA and associated mafias are using proxies in the health service to advocate the legalisation of drugs," said the Chief.
"No, not those joints," said the stranger, "I mean your knee joints. Try glucosamine. It's a natural health supplement. Very good for joint problems. And if you've got problems with gout, remember cherry juice. There's a woman in Naas who runs a health store and she says her 85 year old mother recovered completely from gout after starting to eat cherries regularly. Cherries may just be the magic bullet for gout. Seek the healthy remedies Commissioner."
"Who are you?" wondered the Chief of Police.
The stranger flapped his cloak dramatically.
"I'm Goutman," he hissed.
And was gone.
"Farewell masked avenger," murmured the Chief of Police.
"I'm not wearing a mask," came a plaintive voice from outside the window.
"Sorry," said the Chief of Police.


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