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Thursday, July 07, 2016

results of the heelers report into the chilcot report

The Chilcot Enquiry, conducted by civil servant John Chilcot, into events preceding Great Britain's engagement in the Iraq War was established in 2009 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Some background is in order. Prime Minister Gordon Brown had become Prime Minister of Great Britain without being elected to the position by the simple process of unseating the elected Prime Minister Tony Blair in what passes for a palace coup in a country still governed by parliament. Prime Minister Tony Blair had won three elections in a row with historic majorities for the Labour Party, his most recent resounding election victory having come two years after his decision to go to war in Iraq. Gordon Brown never won and never would win an election even after he ousted Primine Minister Tony Blair as Labour Party Leader. It is interesting to note that under his leadership the Labour Party would be unceremoniously turfed out of office at the first electoral hurdle, in the 2010 election. I am suggesting that Gordon Brown established the Chilcot Enquiry with the express purpose of discrediting the man he had ousted. The nearest analagy I can contrive to the invidiousness of these circumstances would be in an alternative universe where Neville Chamberlain ousts Churchill during World War Two, loses the war, and then sets up a public enquiry in order to blame Churchill's stark warnings about Germany in the 1930's for the rise of the Nazis. The Chilcot Report, just published today seven years after its inception, is an attempt by one of his more mediocre rivals to slander the reputation of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who is now and was then, an honorable, decent and courageous man. I urge people of goodwill to reject the Chilcot Report and to repudiate those who have contrived it.  Although a small number of families of British troops killed in action in Iraq have supported the Chilcot Report, most families of British troops killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan and other Jihad War Theatres, have done no such thing. Remember the next time the infamously leftist British Broadcasting Corporation attempts to further slander Mr Blair through its inuendo laden reporting of the Chilcot Report, remember I say, that British troops on the eve of their liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein's murderocracy, referred to the BBC as "the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation." The wishful thinking peaceniks in our midst, including Mr Chilcot and the BBC and the all but forgotten Gordon Brown, are trying to hand the Jihadis another victory, having already handed them the turnabout victories of an early withdrawal from Iraq, and an unwise troop draw down in Afghanistan. The anti War pseudo elites of Great Britain have bided their time to smear Prime Minister Tony Blair. This report is their coup de main in attempting to criminalise him. Mr Chilcot, the BBC and their ilk (including many opportunistic lesser men in the Conservative Party who could never defeat Mr Blair in any general election while he led the Labour Party) amount to a fifth column in our midst. They are winning this war for the Muslim Brotherhood and its Jihad franchises Al Qaeda and Isis. The anti War pseudo elites of Britain and Europe are through their opportunism, disintegrity and cowardice, delivering us inexorably into the Caliphate. I ask you to speak for Mr Blair when he is being slandered. Do not be silenced by those who so blatantly and so crassly wish to ruin him.


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