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Saturday, July 16, 2016

the credit where credit is due column

Somebody calling Jim Cusack writing in white collar criminal Denis O'Brien's bankrupt anti Catholic Sunday Independent newspaper last weekend stated a few home truths about IRA drug gangs rather well.
Mr Cusack alluded to the Hutch gang, the Kinahan gang, and the various other drug gangs currently turning Ireland into a charnel house in their latest turf war, as factions of the IRA.
He also mentioned the peculiarly vicious INLA as a faction of the IRA.
Not many people know that.
Ah yes.
I say it here, it comes out there.
Chapeau Mr Cusack!
(Heelers means hats off - David Berlinski note)
(I call that a David Berlinski note because I lifted the idea of saying chapeau for hats off from a David Berlinski book called The Devil's Delusion - Heelers note)
Mr Cusack did a further service to the nation by pointing out the IRA's capacity to infiltrate everything from institutions of state to community action groups.
I would add prayer groups in the town of Newbridge, small town magazines, the Local Employment Service Network in Naas, and the Tus office in Kilcullen.
Mr Cusack noted the IRA's infamous infiltration of the Concerned Parents Against Drugs group in the 1980's which had been set up to confront the IRA and its proxy political party Sinn Fein's drug gangs, and which was quickly taken over by the IRA and its proxy political party Sinn Fein and prevented thereby from taking.any direct action against the IRA and its proxy political party Sinn Fein's drug gangs who to to this day wax fat on the profits of their poisoning of generations of Irish children.
Mr Cusack for once, stated this more clearly than I ever have.
And indeed before I had.
Which was nice.


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