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Thursday, August 04, 2016

a modest discourse with the post mistress on the sanctity of life

"What can I get for you James?"
"Two stamps for France, three for Dublin, and help me fight abortion."
"There's the stamps."
"And the other thing?"
"James there are times when it's necessary. I'm not in favour of these ones going in and getting abortions every day of the week. But sometimes there's no alternative."
"It's never necessary."
"Ah James."
"The commandment is: Thou shalt not kill. That means, not even if we think we've got a really, really, really good excuse. You know the pharmacies are giving out abortions in a pill form now."
 "Those pills are taken so early, James you can't say there's a baby there. At that stage nobody knows if there's a baby there or not."
"If you shoot into my house and kill me without knowing whether I was at home or not, it's still murder."


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