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Thursday, July 28, 2016

the greatness of michael moore reconsidered in the wake of the new Jihad offensive in western europe

Michael Moore:
"There is no terrorist threat.
You need to calm down, relax, listen very carefully, and repeat after me:
There is no terrorist threat.
There is no terrorist threat.
(The quotation of Mr Moore is taken from page 95 of 'Dude Where's My Country by Michael Moore, Published 2003 by Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books.)

Michael Moore: "You are not going to be killed by a terrorist. We have seriously lost our sense of perspective. And it is being used against us, not by the terrorists, but by leaders seeking to terrorize us."
(Page 103, 'Dude Where's My Country,' op cit.)

Michael Moore: "To the rest of the world it looks like we've gone mad. People in most other countries have been living with terrorism for years, some for decades. What do they do? Well, they don't go crazy with fear. The average German doesn't stock up with duct tape or stop using the subway. They just learned to live with it. Shit happens."


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