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Thursday, August 18, 2016

the call to ireland

The streets of Dublin awash with rain.
I stroll up Grafton Street and then along the front of the Gaiety Theatre.
Counting the drug addicts.
Quite a few.
Two poignant ones, a man and a woman in a doorway, sleeping in an embrace, their faces momentarily less tortured in their closeness to each other.
So many.
Tell me.
Why do we allow the IRA mafia and their parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein to hook successive generations of Irish people on their drug poisons?
You know they've killed more of our sons and daughters through the drug trade than they ever did in their bigot war with Britain.
Here we are.
The streets of Dublin paved with junkies.
All for the glory of the Rah.
All for the agrandisement of a murder gang.
Why on earth do we allow it?
Why on earth do we allow them?
Why on earth do we allow them to target our children so that our children will spend their blighted and truncated lifetimes sleeping in doorways or wandering wild eyed in the streets trying to scavenge money to donate to the IRA in return for their next fix?
Tell me.
Are they so tough and fearsome that we would really acquiesce to this?
But it's hard to fight them.
People are afraid.
People are cowed.
Come on.
Are we really so afraid of this offal?
My mind flew to an earlier period.
Back in the 1980's as the IRA and Sinn Fein began to flood Dublin with drugs, some courageous city folk decided to fight back. They set up a group to drive drug dealers from the city.
The group was called Concerned Parents Against Drugs.
The IRA promptly infiltrated it.
Then the IRA terrorised, silenced and expelled any members of the Concerned Parents Against Drugs group whom they deemed a real threat to their power.
The IRA used the now purged Concerned Parents Against Drugs group as yet another front organisation for itself.
According to Jim Cusack writing in the Sunday Independent, the IRA directed the Concerned Parents Against Drugs group to target only those drug dealers that were not working for the IRA.
I interpret this as meaning that the Concerned Parents Against Drugs group was used as a milita by the IRA to cement the IRA's stranglehold on the drug trade in Dublin and then in all Ireland.
The initially honorable Concerned Parents Against Drugs group was thus hijacked and corrupted in order to make it complicit in the IRA's current monopoly on the drug trade.
The IRA has since parcelled out and franchised parts of its drugs monopoly to other mafias including Muslim gangs, the Triads, Cosa Nostra, the Russian mafia, Nigerian devil worship gangs, and various Eastern European mobs.
The IRA has been dividing Ireland into neo feudal mafia zones controlled by its allies and proxies.
They have turned Ireland into a narco mafia State.
Every institution of State has been infiltrated from the Judiciary to the media to the police to the trade union movement.
The ancient beautiful and true Catholic Church has been infiltrated.
Even our Olympics Committee is manipulated by rackateers.
Everything the IRA touches turns to slime.
Ironically enough at the same time as Jim Cusack in the Sunday Independent newspaper was exposing the IRA's control of Concerned Parents Against Drugs, the broadcaster TV3 was promoting a documentary in which a member of the now thoroughly discredited Concerned Parents Against Drugs organisation was permitted to pose as a credible commentator on the fight against drug dealers.
Apparently TV3 didn't get the memo about Concerned Parents Against Drugs being a thug militia for the IRA's own drug dealing operation.
Words fail me.
Here is the news.
The Irish government currently admits there are 550 drug deaths a year in Ireland.
The figure is substantially understated.
But it means this,
The IRA and their political front group Sinn Fein have murdered twenty thousand Irish people in the last forty years through their control of the drug trade alone.
I think we should put a stop to this.


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