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Thursday, August 11, 2016

the death ride of the republican party

He's going to lose big.
Every State of the Union.
Never mind Democratic Party supporters generally.
Great swathes of decent folk, those who tend to look to the Republican Party for principled governance, will never vote for him.
Under any circumstances.
Twenty percent.
Maybe more.
Of his own party.
I mean of the party he's hijacked.
They will never vote for him.
We've been charging along a rocky road.
Still the charge continues.
Though some of us suspect the precipice ahead.
It is a death ride.
Do you remember the first intimations of disaster.
There were the rolling trolling insults to rival candidates Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul and Lyndsey Graham.
There were the sneering jeering leering taunts to Ted Cruz's wife and to Jeb Bush's mother.
There was the schoolyard style references to Senator Marco Rubio.
And then.
It was when he claimed President George Bush had unnecessarily led us into the Iraq War.
That finished it for me.
I couldn't countenance such a slight upon our War Time President.
When Trump impugned President Bush, Trump gave succour to the Jihadis.
We won't have it.
The Republican Party. The core. The conscience.
Of the nation.
Won't have it.
And many many more outside the Republican Party.
It's gone.
That's the election lost right there.
It's over.
He's gone.
Trump's gone.
The principled voters won't have him.
All those who don't accept  insults to wives or fathers or mothers or brothers or family or friends as part of the political process.
All those who aren't impressed by a knee jerk appeal to partisanship.
All those who don't want the mafia subverting political parties.
All those who vote American.
They'll never vote for him.
And all those who respect the people he's slandered.
The Bush family.
Mitt Romney and the Mormons.
Carly Fiorina.
Lyndsey Graham.
All of these and more.
The broadcaster Sean Hannity of Fox News is calling us traitors tonight.
But we will not elect a monster out of blinkered partisan loyalty.
I've got news for you Mr Hannity.
We will never vote for him.
Every State of the Union.
He's going to lose them all.


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