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Monday, February 06, 2017

no second fine gael

why should i blame them that they filled my country
with Sinn Fein IRA drug gangs or that they would of late
have taught to ignorant doctors most violent ways
particularly when it comes to ending the lives of unborn babies
and hurled the little anti depressants upon the great
had they but basic humanity equal to their desire for cash
what could have made them peaceful with the christian tradition
when atheistic hedonism led them to lower our borders to jihad trash
with an ideology of islamic nazism a kind
that is all too prevalent in an age like this
being casually psychotic murderous and barbarous and insane by turns
why what could they have done
arrogance in excelsis
in abandoning the ten commandments, the common law, habeas corpus and tort
was there another ireland for them to abort

(With apologies to WB Yeats)


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