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Thursday, February 09, 2017

the jurisprudence of judge martin nolan

Judge Martin Nolan has sentenced Anglo Irish Bank executive Pat Whelan to no years in jail for his part in the multi billion dollar fraud operations at the bank.
Mr Whelan was convicted for his part in concealing an illegal eight million Euro loan to another Anglo executive Willie McAteer.
Judge Martin Nolan fined Mr Whelan three thousand Euro.

Judge Martin Nolan has sentenced Anglo Irish Bank executive Willie McAteer to no years in jail for his part in multi billion dollar fraud activities at the bank.
Although Judge Martin Nolan formally gave Mr McAteer a sentence of two and a half years, the Judge deemed that the sentence should run concurrently with another three year sentence Mr McAteer is already serving for separate charges relating to Anglo. So Mr McAteer will serve no time for this particular crime. The use of the word "concurrently" allows Judge Martin Nolan to pose as dispensing a prison term when in fact he has let the criminal go scot free.

The Anglo Irish Bank fraud was essentially the largest known bank robbery in the history of the planet earth. It was a new age robbery. Instead of breaking in, the IRA mafia obtained ownership of the bank through subversion of its board and used the bank's capacity to borrow money internationally to give billion dollar loans to IRA proxies posing as businessmen as well as to IRA agents working on the bank's staff. The IRA systematically looted Anglo Irish Bank using these fake loans to itself and then prevailed upon a corrupt government Finance Minister, the now conveniently deceased Brian Lenihan, to impoverish Ireland overnight by making the State liable for the IRA's robbery of an IRA bank.

I would remind you in considering Judge Martin Nolan's "sentencing" of Anglo executives Pat Whelan and Willie McAteer, that not so long ago, Judge Martin Nolan sentenced a Dublin fruit importer to six and a half years in  jail for the infringement of a European Union codicil on the labelling of garlic.

I call on Judge Martin Nolan to resign.
I call on Irish people of good will to refuse to accept him or any other IRA or mafia controlled judge, as a Judge within the Irish courts system.
We should cease to tolerate this.
Anathematise the IRA and its various associated drug gangs and attendant mafias.
And let's elect our Judges.


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