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Saturday, August 12, 2017

bloodbath at the house of death i mean fox news

Oops they've done it again.
Fox News has suspended another of its high profile presenters in the wake of tenuous, unsubstantiated, opportunistic allegations of sexism emanating from anonymous accusers vying to smear him.
Eric Bolling is the latest Fox News presenter to feel the cold steel of guilt by innuendo.
You all know me.
I am a kindly fellow with a natural sympathy for octogenarian billionaires, so I did try to warn Fox owner Rupert Murdock that no good would come of it last year when he fired Chief Executive Officer Roger Ailes for the purely imaginary crime of asking Gretchen Carlsson out on a date.
As Gretchen put it: "I felt so... so... so... violated when he said to me maybe we should go out sometime. Oh boo hoo hoo."
I mean, oh the humanity.
Coincidentally Gretchen Carlsson had filed her nonsense sexism complaint against Roger Ailes only after losing her job at Fox.
I ask you.
If he really did ask her out, what crime was committed, aside from bad taste in women?
Thank heavens I don't have a billion dollars.
I mean bims have been shooting me out of the saddle for asking that question for thirty years.
But at least none of em ever sought to get rich out of rejecting me.
Roger Ailes died shortly after Gretchen Carlsson launched her bid for a pension by assassinating his character.
Did her frivolous ruination of his career in order to obtain a twenty million dollar gratuity from Fox contribute to his early death?
Some would call that a crime, ie murder.
In any case Rupert had already divvied up the twenty million dollars.
How on earth did that man ever become a billionaire?
At the time I advised Rupert thusly:
"This is called paying the bimbo geld
And I'll tell you because you're a bit of a dimbo
Once you have paid her the bimbo geld
You'll never get rid of the bimbo."
Shortly after I issued my warning Rupert received another series of opportunistic, generalised, twenty year old, untestable allegations of sexism, this time relating to presenter Bill O'Reilly.
He promptly fired O'Reilly and paid out five million dollars to the opportunist du jour.
Within months further bimbo eruptions threatened to swamp the newsroom at Fox.
Among the more famous presenters with a target on his back, Sean Hannity hung tough and his slanderer evaporated in a welter of evasions, self contradictions and oh I didn't really mean it's.
Mr Hannity was only able to hang tough by the way because Rupert didn't simply fire him immediately on the off chance that he might have done something.
And now Bolling.
A capable presenter whose livelihood is threatened by pure subterfugean balderdash.
I do not approve.


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