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Monday, August 28, 2017

one of our battleships is missing i mean two, er three, no that's four now

Two American battlships have been rammed this Summer by commercial vessels.
There was significant loss of life on the American ships in both cases.
An earlier ramming of an American warship took place in February.
A fourth American ship ran aground when entering harbour.
The events took place in the Far Eastern theatre of operations.
These things are not happening to other navies.
So we might reasonably postulate that the collisions are deliberate.
Who would do such a thing?
The North Korean regime would if it could.
The Putin regime in Russia might if Mr Putin was feeling adventurous.
A rogue cadre in the Chinese Communist Party might.
Anybody else?
There is a certain peace loving religion of Islam which is at war with all humanity and which regards the Americans as the only real threat to their agenda for World Conquest, and which kills Americans, Westerners and anybody else it deems an enemy with gay abandon at every opportunity.
Muslim Jihadis, styled under franchises such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Isis, have the personnel in place on commercial vessels to launch ramming attacks at sea anywhere on the planet.
My opinion is that the rammings of American ships this Summer are Muslim Jihad.


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