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Saturday, August 12, 2017

the greatness of alan shatter

In the past I have been critical of Ireland's former Justice Minister Alan Shatter.
Mr Shatter is now calling for a full public enquiry into the still unexplained death of Malak Thawley on the operating table at Hollis Street hospital.
Last month Coroner's Court enquiry found that Mrs Thawley died through "medical misadventure," but that enquiry was not permitted to hear certain concerns that her husband wanted raised.
Lawyers for the hospital cynically and cruelly manipulated the proceedings to have his concerns excluded from the Court and thereby excised from the public domain.
"The court cannot consider these matters," thundered one of the hospital's lawyers, "these are matters for the police."
You all know that I believe there is a significant possibility that Mrs Thawley, a Syrian woman married to an American, was murdered on the operating table at Hollis Street Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.
Alan Shatter's public stance on the matter is his finest hour.


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