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Thursday, January 25, 2018

the shots heard round the world

1. Mental disruption, sadness, depression, manias, and schizophrenia are not brain chemistry conditions. They are the human experience of suffering caused by real trauma and distressing life events.

2. The addictive chemical products styled by manufacturers as Anti Depressants and Anti Psychotics, do not correct brain chemistry. They do not cure depression and they do not heal psychoses. These products chronicate the conditions they are meant to alleviate, atrophying the brain and reducing the people using them to drug addicts. (The credentialled sources for this assertion are found in Robert Whitaker's book Anatomy Of An Epidemic, as well as in work by Peter Breggin, Doctor Terry Lynch and Doctor David Healy.)

3. The pharmaceutical industry has colonised medical practice and academia through endowments, sponsorship and bribes. The doctors have had their mouths and their consciences stuffed with gold.

4. You can heal. The mind has self healing capacities just like the body.

5. RD Laing once said: "All healing begins with an appeal to the freedom of the patient to choose to be well."

6. Every melody begins with a single note.

7. Every journey begins with a single step.


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