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Thursday, March 08, 2018

an irish solution to an irish problem

"Ca bhful an sneachta a bhi chomh geal areir?" I murmured looking around.
"What does that mean?" enquired the delectable Miss Germany.
"Where is the snow that shone so bright last night!" I explained.
"It's gone because it melted and because there wasn't that much to begin with," said Miss Germany.
"We handled it well though," I chuckled.
"You mean you think it went away because you Irish all complained about how bad it was and then each bought six loaves of bread and ten cartons of milk ?" said Miss Germany.
"It's an Irish solution to an Irish problem," I told her. "No matter what the crisis, this is what we do. Buying milk and bread sort of steadies the nerves. Nuclear conflagration in North Korea? Better buy some bread and milk. Al Qaeda Isis Muslim Brotherhood vehicular rammings and knife attacks across Western Europe? Time to buy some more bread and milk. President Vladdie Putin resovietising Russia? Nothing in that situation that won't look a whole lot better through the prism of copious plates of fried bread washed down with warm milk. It's our answer to everything."


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