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Monday, May 28, 2018

sonorities of silence

Well folks, at last we've found a freak weather event that RTE, Independent Newspapers and the Irish Times aren't trying to label climate change.
They're not even reporting it.
A two and a half hour electrical storm across the Republic of Ireland that except for a few moments in the middle and for twenty minutes during the downpour of rain at the end, made absolutely no sound.
And they don't think it's worthy of mention.
They're ignoring it because it happened in the small hours of the morning after the vote to legalise abortion.
This evening I walked with Rachel in the fields.
"How could it have made no sound?" I asked her.
"Oh, sound comes when the lightning strikes the ground, the vibration of molecules..."
"God is speaking to us and you people are hiding behind molecules."
"I've seen amazing storms before myself."
"But you didn't see this one."
"Because you didn't wake up because it made no sound."


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