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Thursday, May 10, 2018

from the heelers emails

The near death experience of Mary Neal is one of several I have commended to public attention. The others were those of Ali Perez, Don Piper, Mickey Robinson and Ian McCormack. I sent Doctor Neal the following email recently.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 4:31 AM
Subject: from Ireland

Morning Dr Neal.

Have enjoyed your personal testimonies via internet for some years. Got the book too. Found your email address and invitation to write just recently. So here we are.
Some considerations.
1. Did you and your husband fake the incident? The return flight from Chile with those injuries and the decision to treat in your own practice beg this question.
2. I've read criticisms of your testimony arising from your feeling that
you had already and always known those you met after death. For some of
your readers this raised the issue of pre-existence and they considered it
a clash with Christian tradition. I did not immediately think there was a
clash. God has told us in scripture that he always knew us. Before all
ages, before he made us in our mothers' wombs, he knew us. So if we have
always been known to God, if we have always existed in the mind of God, it
doesn't necessarily cause me a problem that you say you were somehow aware that you had always known those who greeted you after death.
3. I have concluded that not all near death experience claimants are lying. I concluded this simply with reference to an aunt of mine who claimed to have had certain experiences and who I accepted wasn't lying.
4. You said in an interview: "All the promises of God are true." I have used your words in a poem.

I would not object if you wrote to me!
James Healy


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