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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

the unreported storm

"Did you see the storm?" I asked the businesswoman.
"Did I what! It was unbelievable."
"Where were you watching it?"
"I was down on Fota island in Cork."
"Whaaaaat! I thought it just covered a few hundred miles in the Midlands."
"No James. It was tearing up the countryside way down south in Cork. There was even a house burnt down."
"Did it make any noise?"
"Of course it made noise. It was crashing about all over the place. The thunder woke me."
"Here it didn't make any noise. I watched it from the field for an hour at 3am. Not a sound until a few rumbles at four. Another hour with no sound. Then very loud thunder and a downpour at 5am for half an hour."
"You're joking James."
"No joke."
"That's amazing."
"Isn't it just."
"One of my friends in Cobh was watching it over the sea. She said the forked lightning playing over the waters was unbelievable."
"Do you think it means something?"
"No James. I know full well what you mean by that question. I think we've had warm weather. The warmth and humidity caused the storm. That's all there is to it."
"You know what happened the day that storm came."
"I know what you're saying. But it was just nature."
"An unprecedented storm. Not just across the Midlands as I originally thought from what I could see. But all over Ireland. And totally silent as it engulfed the Midlands. And unreported in our media. And it happens the day a portion of our electorate decided to legalise the murder of unborn children. You don't think that means something."
"It was just nature James."
"No. It wasn't."


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