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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

the humanitarianism of the pseudo elites

In the run up to Easter it came as no surprise that Judge Yvonne Murphy, the Roland Feisler of the Irish Republic, would announce some interim results from her latest attempts to slander previous generations of Ireland's citizens via a government mandated enquiry into the running of 1920's era orphanages.
The government of today must engage in a permanent slanderous pogrom against the citizens of yesteryear in order to prevent the citizens of today from noticing the morass of rape, murder, gangland killing, torture, drug addiction, abortion, and suicide into which our society has fallen right this moment.
In a country where babies and children are routinely beaten to death by psycho druggie parents without any punitive sentence for the perpetrators, it is ironic to see this constant showboating slander against the past in general and the Catholic Church in particular.
Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and his so called Minister for Children Katherine Zappone, cannot quite bring themselves to take action against those Judges who have failed in recent months to jail the murderers of children.
Yet they have ample time to initiate fishing expedition Judicial Enquiries into Catholic Church run facilities of the Victorian era based solely on an evidenceless slander contrived by a putative historian styling herself Catherine Corless in which Corless hazarded without a shred of justification: "Hey maybe those evil Catholics running orphanages were burying babies in the sewerage system."
That is the sole justification for Varadkar and Zappone's latest anti Catholic pogrom a Judge Yvonne Murphy run Judicial Enquiry.
Let me say it again as clearly as I can.
Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, his Minister for Children Katherine Zappone and the rancid coterie of liberal atheists who govern Ireland with them, need to continually reorchestrate their pogroms against the Catholic Church via Yvonne Murphy's show trial enquiries for fear the people might notice the sheer mayhem that is engulfing us as a result of the government's current near cosmic amoral incompetence, the surrender of our towns and villages and cities to gangland, the legalisation of abortion, the provision of mutilating sex change operations which don't work to teenagers, murder on the streets, and the sky rocketing suicide rate.
The hell never stops when it comes to the monstrousness of today's liberal atheistic Ireland.
So the Christians of the past must be slandered once again.
Pour distraire les paysans.
To distract the peasants.
I sighed a little as Yvonne Murphy's latest barely conpetent slanders masquerading as a Judicial Enquiry once more received breathless eulogies masquerading as reports in the bankrupt porno sheets masquerading as newspapers styled the Irish Times and the Irish Independent.
My mind flew to some of the current atrocities being swept under the carpet by the liberal atheists who rule us.
Such as....
Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announcement that he will permit the return to Ireland of a Jihadist calling herself Lisa Smith who left Ireland to provide sexual services for the Isis Muslim terror group during the height of the recent Islamist head hacking spree in Syria and Iraq. Varadkar and his fellow liberal atheists had indulged in the usual hand wringing during the same Isis head hacking spree across the plains of Nineveh in 2015 but now it seems the murdered children of 2015 are to be forgotten, all is to be forgotten and little Lisa Smith is coming back to Ireland for a rest from providing sexual services to those who slaughter, rape enslave and sell the children of Syria and Iraq. Much better to manufacture guilt for those Irish nuns who ran orphanages in the 1920's than to focus on Lisa Smith's very real guilt and complicity regarding Isis murders, rapes and tortures of men, women and children in the Isis caliphate between 2011 and today.
Here's another Irish case where the death of a baby is deemed by liberal judges to be a non jailable offence. Yvonne Murphy's fellow Judges in what is called the Court of Appeal, Patrick McCarthy, George Birmingham and John Edwards have just overturned the conviction of Yusuf Ali Abdi who violently murdered his baby son Nathan Ali back in 2001. The child's life was worth nothing once the Judges heard from a London based psychiatrist paid by the Defence team to claim that the murderer was mentally ill.
Anothe of Yvonne Murphy's judicial colleagues, Judge Gerald Keys in October refused to jail a woman who had fractured a baby's skull and broken the baby's legs.
Another of Yvonne Murphy's judicial colleagues, one Judge Elma Sheahan last month refused to jail an African going by the name of Frank Kamara who had sent images of a baby being raped to his boss at work.
Are we really going to allow Varadkar and Zappone to distract from this stuff happening now by slandering Christians of the past and present eras?
But consider.
I am saying that Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, his Children's Minister Katharine Zappone, Judge Yvonne Murphy, and the rest of the faux humanitarians of Ireland's pseudo elites, are criminally culpable now, in the present moment, not in the 1920's, for telling Irish children that experimental sex change operations are a suitable response to their growing pains, for furnishing children with abortion pills to turn them into murderers before the age of 20, for allowing the Isis prostitute Lisa Smith back into the country, for quashing the conviction of the baby killer Yusuf Ali Abdi,, for refusing to jail a woman who staved in a baby's skull, and for releasing the disseminator of images of a baby being raped Frank Kamara.
My earlier comparison of Yvonne Murphy with Roland Feisler is in fact a slander on Roland Feisler, who was the star prosecutor of the Third Reich.
The Nazism of Leo Varadkar, Katherine Zappone, Yvonne Murphy and their ilk, is worse than Roland Feisler's because it is concealed behind a veneer of glittering hypocrasy.
See them for what they are.


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