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Sunday, June 09, 2019

was the irish independent newspaper group capable of lending itself to the framing of deceased broadcaster jimmy savile on trumped up allegations of child abuse

The Independent Newspapers group has settled a libel case with the politician Dana Rosemary Scallon with a six figure payout. The undisclosed amount is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. A newspaper styled the Sunday World which is owned by the Independent, group slandered Dana during its reportage of a false child abuse allegation by a third party against Dana's brother John. The Independent group has released a statement admitting defamation in its still unexplained publishing of a groundless smear against Dana.
Before entering politics, Dana  Rosemary Scallon had a reputation as a Christian and was formerly famous as a singer.
She remarked after the admission of liability by Independent Newspapers: "What happened to me can happen to anyone. For that reason I decided for the first time not to let the untrue word stand unchallenged. In doing this I echo the same stance taken by Sir Cliff Richard, Louis Walsh, and others."


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