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Monday, August 19, 2019

brexit bawls

It takes a certain category of genius to continually plumb new depths.
I am rarely surprised by the depths to which Independent Newspapers routinely sinks, the depths of their nihilism, their paganistic hedonism, their atheism, their arrrant unthinking conformism in the guise of pseudo radicalism, their hatred for Christianity, their detestation of the dignity of the person, their loathing for our past, their worship of amoral kleptocratic billionaires such as their former owner Tony O'Reilly or their current white collar criminal owner Denis O'Bribe... it's all so wearisomely predictable.
Today I admit I was a little surprised at an Independent Newspapers headline.
It seemed to reach a new low.
Bear in mind that Ireland's Fine Gael government under Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has just announced a ban on motor cars that use petrol (ie ones that work) from 2030.
Here's the headline in the Irish Independent on page 7:
"Slump In New Car Sales As Buyers Turn To Used Imports In Face Of Brexit Uncertainty."
Intriguing eh!
The government bans the motor car.
Motor car sales fall.
And the geniuses at Independent House tell us the fall in car sales is because the British are leaving the European Union.
You couldn't make it up.
Well folks.
There is no business model for that newspaper group.
I mean they're bust.
They can't lose any more readers because they don't have any.
They can't be any more bust than  losing a billion dollars in forty years of false accounting and having the government write off their billion dollar debts to Allied Irish Bank by purchasing the bank with public money and cancelling the debt.
Yet through the endless largesse of the government, Independent Newspapers has found an undefeatable business model.
They don't need readers as long as the government is cancelling their debts and slipping them the odd million under the table through the Prime Minister's illegal media unit which has been paying Independent Newspapers and other publications to print government press releases disguised as news.
Hence in the world of Independent Newspapers, nothing is Varadkar's fault nor will it ever be.
It's all Brexit.
Hilarious no.
The readerless Indo was in fact full of Brexit Bawls government press releases masquerading as news today.
On the front page  we had the coy enough Bawls headline:
"Brexit Risk To 5 Euro Pension Hike."
On page five we had a more saucy Bawls angle about the status of the Irish border with Northern Ireland being adversely affected by the British leaving Europe. Apparently the IRA mafia find borders very upsetting and may do something worse than poisoning a generation of Irish children and adults with drugs if the border is enforced. Bless. I mean Bawls.
On page 7 we had the previously mentioned Classic Bawls Surprise about car sales.
On page 23 we had an editorial headline Bawling: "We Will All Pay A High Price For A No Deal Brexit."
On page 24 in the Business Section, the Bawls reached fever pitch: "Buoyant Economy Under Threat From Brexit And World Slow Down."
The world slow down comes in second place.
And the excessive pay rates with which Prime Minister Leo Varadkar routinely bribes the public service and the rackateer run trade union sectors, don't even merit a mention in an assessment of the Irish economy's health or ill health.
Everything is coming up Bawls.
Perhaps there is some employee at Independent House, perhaps one of O'Bribe's drones in Sector Seven Gee, reading this right this moment, within whom still flickers a vestige of conscience.
If so he might ask himself:
Is it really wise to continually tell the Irish people that they bear no responsibility for the condition of their country or the invidiousness of their governments?
Is it really wise to force the citizenry through taxation to finance newspaper and media groups that the people are unwilling to support deliberately through choice by purchasing their titles or listening to their programming?
Is it really wise to train the populace to blame all their ills on Brexit, Climate Change and the past generations while the country is engulfed by suicide, abortion, drug dealers, gangsterism, and murder?


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