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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

history paper two

The Second World War.

1. In Where Eagles Dare what was the name of the castle that the Allied agents infiltrated?

2. What captured Allied General, privy to plans for the D Day landings, did Clint and Richard Burton try to rescue from the Schloss Adler?

3. Which Division of the German army was based at the Schloss Adler? Was it:
(a) The 12th Kelloggs Kornflakes Hohenzucker Division.
(b) The 12th Rice Crispies Begleit.
(c) The 12th Alpen Korps.

4. When Clint and Richard had made contact with General Carnaby at the Castle, what was revealed to be his true identity?

5. Whom did Richard impersonate in the Kraut boozer in order to get free drinks?

6. Did Himmler really have a brother?

7. Why hadn't the Germans established through torture that the man they thought was General Carnaby was in fact his doppelganger, an actor called Cartwright Jones?

8. Why did the Nazis never torture on weekends and how could Richard know this?

9. In the sensation scene does Clint say:
(a) Go ahead, make my day.
(b) I know what you're thinking Punk.
(c) Such ingratitude for all the times I've saved your life.
(d) Apologise to my mule.
(e) Major, if I live to be a hundred.

10. Why did all the unknown actors in Richard and Clint's commando platoon not realise they were definitely going to die before the end of the movie?

11. What is a doppelganger? Explain the importance of doppelgangers to the outcome of World War Two films.


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