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Thursday, January 08, 2009

today they said

"War is always hardest on civilians."
Fionnuala Sweeney, CNN broadcaster.

"Fionnuala that's a good platitude. But of course an Israeli soldier with his guts ripped out is going to suffer just as much as any other human being with their guts ripped out. The British soldier whose face was burnt off by Iraqi rioters, well, he's suffered a lot too hasn't he? Even more so because the only reason the Iraqi rioters got near him was because he'd been given ridiculous rules of engagement which did not allow him to fire on them. The British are still lions Fionnuala. And they're still led by donkeys. And the Iraqi rioters were part of the Mahdi militia, yet another proxy terror army sponsored by Iran, weren't they Fionnuala? You'll be familiar with the case because you're a serious journalist and not just a pretty face. But I digress. The platitudes won't cover this one Fionnuala. I would humbly draw your attention to the suffering of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalitt who was kidnapped from Israel by Hamas during a suprise attack out of Gaza into Israel in 2006, and hasn't been seen since. The surprise attack was coordinated with a similar incursion from Lebanon by that other renowned Iranian proxy terror army Hezbollah. Do you remember? CNN styled the 2006 sneak Arab attacks on Israel as The Israeli Invasion Of Lebanon. Fun times. Fionnuala, I would humbly suggest that Gilad Shalitt's suffering may transcend anything you or your fellow Arab sympathisers at CNN, or even those Hamas voting civilians in Gaza, or even any of the rest of us, have ever experienced. Do you think he's still alive Fionnuala? Do you think the peaceloving terrorists of Hamas torture him on a daily basis? Do you care Fionnuala? And by the way, I've noticed that your pious faux humanitarian platitudes always seem to help that peaceloving proxy Iranian terror army known as Hamas. Seriously though, you're doing a brilliant job."
James Healy

"The Israelis fired on our convoys."
John Ging, UN Viceroy in charge of propping up Hamas Rule in the Gaza Strip.

"Hey Ging. Long time no hear. It must be at least five minutes since your last attempt to incriminate the State of Israel for war crimes. The last one was on Al Jazeera television, wasn't it? Good for your credibility Ging. Here is the news. It's not about you Ging. You don't matter. Israel is fighting for its existence. You're not the story today. Or yesterday. Or ever. I noticed that this evening's Ging Live From Gaza was carried on both CNN and the Iranian channel Press TV. There's some interesting bed fellows, eh Ging? One more thing. You are lying when you say the Israelis deliberately targeted your convoys. Here's why. If the Israelis deliberately targeted your convoys, the entire convoys would have been destroyed. You know what you and your UN Relief Works Agency are like, Ging? You're like the UN agency that propped up the Taliban in Afghanistan right up to and after Nine Eleven. You are an enabler for Arabist dictatorship Ging. You have hung around Gaza too long for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go."
James Healy

"Evil Israelis, blah blah blah. The group which bombed Israel from Lebanon today is not an Islamic militant group. It's nationalist. Evil Israelis, blah blah blah. Israel to blame. Plausible deniability for Muslim terror. Allah u akbar, blah blah blah."
Robert Fisk, broadcasting on French television.

"Fisk you are a Nazi. Er. That's it."
James Healy

"Of course Iran has developed the habit of waging war on its enemies through proxy armies."
Mademoiselle Sexicia de la Sexe, France24 television.

"Sexicia, am I hearing you right? This is the first time I've heard the mention of the phrase Iranian proxy army on any news channel. Have you been reading my blog? Are you free for coffee Friday evening?"
James Healy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

750 "arabs" as you call them dead, 12 from Israel, it all seems proportional....indeed. perhaps you should retire with the likes of the Bush Administration and indulge in your Neo-Conservatism, why not join Libertatis with Declan Ganly, and remember to go to mass and indulge in your fanatical illogical ideas to hind yourself from the real you. Of course this is coming from a man who hinds under the veil of his Irish passport, while sub consciously panders after a knighthood and longs for a return to the empire, where you can indulge in your English broadsheets and cricket and superiority complex. Time for you to switch to FOX news....right up your street and perhaps a move to the mid-west where you can run around the woods spouting rubbish and rehearsing Hamlet. Yours views are tired, as is your logic.

11:30 AM  
Blogger heelers said...

How brave of you.
Of course you don't sign your name to your analysis Anonymous.
Are you a coward Anonymous?
Or ashamed?
Or art thou just an Anonymous of the mind?
No need to answer Anonymous.
It's quite clear what you are.
As for Declan Ganley's group... It's called Libertas.
Getting the name right would require a modicum of intelligence, wouldn't it?
Neo Cons... There's a highly original label designed to deepen any discussion. How very liberal left of you Anonymous. How mind numbingly conformist.
You're a terribly clever fellow aren't you?
Again don't answer.
We know.
Proportionality... A concept designed to find Israel guilty of war crimes no matter how many Arabs self detonate in Israeli cafes or no matter how many missiles the Arabs of Gaza or the Arabs of Lebanon, lob into Israel on behalf of the Persians of Iran.
Arabs... You say I call the people of Palestine Arabs as though this was some offence against probity. Actually it's how the people of Palestine describe themselves. Perhaps you'd prefer some other more politically correct shibboleth. How about: Anonymous individuals of a particular ethnicity who have an observable tendency to self detonate in cafes.
Fanatical ideas... Yeah and you're a moderate. A moderate anonymous supporter of Hamas. Brave man. Brave anonymous man.
Fox TV... It's an anodyne pseudo right wing station owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns the anodyne pseudo left wing Sky News. Nobody looks to Fox TV for principles or intellectual discernment. But if it did nothing else, Fox TV broke a fifty year monopoly on discourse by the liberal left wing pseudo intelligentsia in the Free world.
Hinding behind my Irish passport... Presumably you mean hiding. Otherwise your sentence would make no sense. Which given your record. Oh never mind. I often find that people who play the Irish nationalist card in debate are the grandchildren of the most slavish shoneens. Shoneens who spent their lives working as soldiers and policemen on behalf of the British empire. And now their anonymous progeny pretend to despise that same empire. I'll hazard Anonymous that my ancestors were fighting and dying for Ireland while yours were tipping the forelock to the squire and saying "Top of the morning to you Sorr." It's just a hunch Anonymous.
The Brits.. well they have moments. Saved the world from Napoleon, Imperial Germany and then from the Nazis, didn't they? Outlawed slavery before anyone else and tried to ban it in Africa against the will of the Africans themselves, didn't they? Saved Ireland from the IRA when the IRA was working for the Russians, didn't they? Stood strong in the Cold War against the commies generally, didn't they? Didn't they?
But I've been harsh enough with the Brits about their abortion culture and their condom culture and their life in test tubes culture. Most specifically, I've warned them that if they continue to offend God by committing such crimes against life, then God may withdraw his favour from them. And then the barbarians will win this war. The war being the War On Terror, Anonymous. The barbarians being the Arab and Muslim terror elites of Al Qaeda and Iran and their associated allies. You seem to want to help these terror elites wipe Israel off the map Anonymous. Good luck with that.
My superiority complex... Sorry Anonymous, the doctors say it's incurable.
A move to the mid west... No one tells me where to live Anonymous. And there are plenty of woods for me to run around spouting Hamlet right near here.
Spouting Hamlet... Indeed. To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to be a skulking cowardly anonymous toe rag or to actually have the courage to advance coherent properly spelled opinions and stand over them; To take arms against a sea of Neo Cons and by opposing end them. To die. To sleep no more. To openly speak your mind perchance to dream. Ay. There' the rub. For some have minds with nothing on them to speak of. Save a few maundering proclamations from the Irish Times politbureau or the latest press release from Amnesty International. But what if the Irish Times is true. How can we know. For no traveller has ever returned from the Undiscovered Country. The Irish Times staff room, that far distant bourne, which none may see without first dying intellectually to themselves and to the world. Yes, the Irish Times staff room, that agglomeration of pseudery which liberal flesh is heir to. And don't start me on Independent Newspapters. Arf, arf.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Independent Newspapters?
Avid Fan

1:42 PM  
Blogger heelers said...

I think it works.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous MissJean said...

You attract the most verbose Anonymi, James. You'd think that being so shy and retiring, they'd want to be succinct.

1:53 AM  
Blogger heelers said...

Ah Missj.
Always from you the mot juste!

2:14 AM  

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