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Monday, October 12, 2009

today they said

Lara Marlow (writing in The Irish Times): The only criticism of the decision to award the Noble Peace Prize to President Obama came from the Republican Party of the United States and from the Taliban.

James Healy: The size of Lara Marlow's lie is becoming clearer with every passing moment. It was a wilful lie. A wilful attempt to smear the Republican Party. She knew what she was doing. She certainly wasn't trying to smear the Taliban. She quite likes the Taliban as does the newspaper for which she works. I mean propagandises for. So let's see. How big was her lie? As soon as the Nobel Committee announced its decision, there was a storm of criticism from all over the world. This criticism cut across political and geographical boundaries. Lech Walesa of Poland said the award had come "too early," noting Obama's short career and lack of substantial accomplishments. In Britian Malcolm Rifkind said the award was "perverse and premature." Bronwyn Maddox political editor at The Times Of London (ie a real newspaper, not the Irish Times) said the decision was so crass it could mean the end of the Nobel Prize altogether. She added: "Obama in accepting looks like a fool dangerously lost in his own mystique." My own view is that the award of a Nobel Prize to President Obama is quite in line with the politicisation of the Nobel Committee in recent years. Other Nobel Peace Prize winners since the Al Qaeda attacks of Nine Eleven have included Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Mohammed El Baradei. I suppose short of giving one to Osama Bin Laden the appeaserish peaceniks of the Nobel Committee could not have made their feelings and their partisanship and indeed their treachery, plainer. Lara Marlow is a silly bitch.


Anonymous Mary said...

Silly bitch!!!

Amen to that.

What is WRONG with these women????

11:17 PM  

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