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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

aftermath of the muslim attack on fort hood

The Muslim Al Qaeda assassin Hassan Malik stood up on a table.
His victims were in cubicles below him.
Their movement was restricted.
Most of them were unarmed.
The Islamic coward drew the automatic weapons he was carrying.
He began shooting American soldiers.
He shot to kill.
Aiming for the heads.
He had killed fourteen, including the unborn child of one of his victims, by the time he was brought down.
Unfortunately he survived.

Here's what happened immediately after...

1. Immediately after the slaughter, relatives of the cowardly Muslim murderer went on television saying their son had been bullied in the army. The relatives of Hassan Malik were permitted to put the victims of Hassan Malik on trial before the bodies were cold. A cousin of Hassan Malik trumpeted some preprepared lies that Hassan Malik had been bullied and denied promotion. Hassan Malik's grandfather said he couldn't understand how his grandson would do this. None of the Hassan Malik extended family had any fears of being arrested or deported. Muslims don't have to worry about that when their sons and daughters commit mass murder in our midst. Not yet they don't.

2. Immediately after the killing spree, General George Casey went on television saying how proud he was of the way his soldiers had quickly begun life saving operations when the gunfire stopped. He had seen his men slapping on emergency medical dressings and administering any help they could to the victims. These statements lacked a certain something. Outrage maybe. Warrior defiance. Grim determination to make the enemy pay. The sort of things we expect from the head of the army on the night thirteen soldiers and a baby have been slaughtered by a Muslim assassin. General George Casey showed no defiance, courage or resolve at all. He gave us a flower power hippy speech about what good first aiders his (surviving) troops were. Here is the news. George Casey is the class of officer who came to the fore in the American army during the Clinton years. The same class that can now expect high promotion under Barack Obama. They're good at "don't ask, don't tell." By which I mean they don't ask if Muslims infiltrating the American army are Jihadis, and they don't tell anyone if they know bloody well they are. This isn't diversity. Allowing your enemies to infiltrate your army and kill you. This is bollocksology. General George Casey is part of the problem of politically correct officers who wouldn't see an Al Qaeda assassin if the Al Qaeda assassin walked onto his base and shot dead thirteen soldiers and an unborn baby right in front of him. Which is what's just happened. General George Casey had nothing to be proud of on that night. Least of all the fact that on his watch, a Muslim Al Qaeda agent, and not a particularly clever or brave one, was permitted to infiltrate the American army, remain in the American army after declaring his support for Al Qaeda, and even advance to the rank of Major when it was known he had praised suicide bombers and was openly rooting for our enemies in the War On Terror. General George Casey had nothing to be proud of in view of the fact that on his watch a Muslim assassin could swan around an American army base wearing an Arab Kaftan, shouting Allah U Akbar, and murdering unarmed American soldiers at will.

3. Immediately after the attack, Sky News rushed to downplay the possibility that the blood bath at Fort Hood was an Islamic terrorist strike on America and the free world. At first Sky failed to report Hassan Malik's name at all. Then Sky managed to describe the massacre for long periods without once mentioning Islam, Al Qaeda or Muslims. The main stories on Sky in the days after the massacre included Celebrations Marking The Fall Of The Berlin Wall, and extended segments offering a platform to the mothers of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Needless to say the mothers featured on Sky were betraying their dead sons by expressing support for withdrawal from Afghanistan. Why would Sky do this? Remember Sky is owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns the more pro American Fox News. But Sky behaves much differently from its American partner. Sky has in fact spent the past eight years trying to break the western will to continue the battle with Islamist terror. Why are Sky cheering for our enemies? Why would Sky downplay yet another Al Qaeda Muslim murderer getting his jollies by slaughtering Americans? Here's why. Sky is owned by Murdoch alright. But Sky's main revenue stream comes from sponsorship by Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways is the airline owned by the Qatari royal family. The Qatari royal family also own the Islamic Nazi channel Al Jazeera. You couldn't make this stuff up. Sky will never tell the truth about the threat to freedom now emanating from the Muslim world because as far as Sky is concerned the only thing emanating from the Muslim world is pay checques.

4. Immediately after the carnage, CNN and European news channels such as France24 all began pushing the notion that the murdering Muslim coward Hassan Malik was suffering post traumatic stress disorder caused by previous service in a war zone. Nothing to do with his Muslim upbringing, eh lads? It is strange that so many news channels could invent this erroneous explanation simultaneously. When it became clear that Hassan Malik had never been to a war zone, these news channels invented a new type of post traumatic stress disorder. They claimed that perhaps Hassan Malik had suffered post traumatic stress disorder in advance of being sent to a war zone. The politically correct posturing of CNN and France24 and other main stream news outlets, their vile attempts to exonerate Hassan Malik from the crimes he had just committed, have continued apace over the past three days.

5. Immediately after the blood letting, Evan Thomas, an editor at Newsweek, went on television to say the following: "I cringe that it's a Muslim. He's probably just a nutcase. This will get the right wingers going. I just cringe." Yeah Evan. Lotsa people were cringing after you spoke out. Nothing sacred, eh Evan? Not the lives of thirteen soldiers and one dead unborn child anyway. And certainly not the truth. The editor of Newsweek's unerring journalistic instincts tell him that Hassan Malik was a lone nutcase. Already we have emails from Hassan Malik to his Al Qaeda handlers. Already we know Hassan Malik committed his murders while shouting Allah U Akbar. Already we know the little Muslim bigot hated Israelis. There are clues there somewhere Evan. You gotta read between the bigotries. Newsweek is of course the failing magazine that published false stories about Qurans being flushed down the toilet at Guantanamo Bay prison and thereby gave our enemies new inspiration for their murders and psychopathy. Good old Newsweek. I wonder where they're getting their revenues. Because it certainly isn't from their readership. Yeah, there was actually a real scandal at Guantanamo involving Qurans which Newsweek missed. The scandal was that we let Muslim Nazis have copies of their Mein Kampf Qurans and associate with each other freely while planning their next atrocities, scheduled to be instigated as soon as Barack Obama got elected and released them.

6. Immediately after the murders, the FBI released a statement saying "terrorism is not suspected."

7. Immediately after the slaughter Geraldo Rivera on Fox News warned against people blaming Muslims and their peaceloving religion for the murders.

8. Immediately after the carnage, CNN reported thusly from a hospital: "The hospital says all the victims will survive." Really CNN? Including the fourteen dead ones?

9. Immediately after the mayhem, all American, British and European news channels went onto politically correct automatic pilot. Nearly no mentions of Muslims or terrorism. With one exception. Only our enemies at the anti American news station run on behalf of the resovietising President Vladimir Putin, Russia Today, only they told the truth. Within moments of the news breaking, Russia Today had stated clearly: "The main likelihood is that this is an Islamic terrorist attack. The FBI have broken up several such attacks in the planning stages recently. Al Qaeda is known to have been very eager to strike at American soldiers in the United States itself." On the night of this latest Islamist savagery, only Russia Today told us the truth. It took our sworn enemies in Russia to put the rest of the media world to shame.

10. Finally earlier this afternoon, word came through that Hassan Malik had recovered consciousness in hospital and was talking. Now the real obscenity starts. We're going to hear an Islamist murderer putting the men he murdered and their country on trial. And we're going to pay his legal bills. And we're going to allow his family to retain citizenship. And it's all starting to get just a little bit out of hand.

What happened at Fort Hood was murder.
But the real crime is what happened after.


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