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Sunday, November 15, 2009

blast from the past

The Heelers Diaries, 31st December 2004.
New Years Eve.
The day began with a few international emails. Miho had sent me a computerised picture of roses. There was some Muslim proselytising from Count Leonardo Clerici. And an interesting little message from Monika Kozub in Poland.
I spent the afternoon in Athy. Took a few photographs. Got nice ones of collectors raising funds for victims of the Asian tidal wave disaster. The people of Athy at their best. Politicians had organised the collection and the citizens were giving it full support. I ate my dinner in Bradburys.
Coffee later with Diana Becerra, the Spanish Onion. She told me the names of characters from American television shows as they are presented on Spanish TV. Side Show Bob in the Simpsons was Actor Secondario Bob. Kermit The Frog in Sesame Street  was Gustavus Frog. Sesame Street itself was Bario Sesame. I found all this highly amusing.
Tom and Jackie were over with their two children. Little John seems to draw enormous confidence from me. I photoed baby Tom sleeping. That pic is a beaut and will be passed down through the generations.
The new year dawned while I was in the shower. Ah well. At least I'm clean.
After midnight watched a film called Man In The Moon about the life of comedian Andy Kaufman. I found it very moving. A work of art really. Jim Carrey played the lead role.
Now in the wee small hours with Jess in the front room. Bathing my spirit in the music of Deep Purple, Sibelius and Eric Satie.


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