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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Angela Phelan, a gossip columnist with Independent Newspapers died a couple of weeks ago.
She was 63 or something.
Over the course of her whole life she never once expressed the mildest dissent at Independent Newspapers blatent attempts over thirty years to manipulate sex abuse cases as a propaganda tool against the Catholic church.
She never once spoke out against the editorial policy at Independent Newspapers of perpetually recycling any allegation of abuse involving clerical people while ignoring the vast preponderance of abuse cases taking place in Irish family homes and in Health Board run institutions.
She never once objected to her newspapers malign and dishonest attempts to link sex abuse inextricably in the minds of Irish people with the Catholic church.
When she died her family requested and received a funeral mass at one of Dublin's more prestigious, ie insincere, Catholic churches.
Now that's what I call blasphemy.


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