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Saturday, November 14, 2009

an open letter to dan brown author of the davinci code and the secret douchebag

Dear Dan.
Why is there no mention of Jahbulon, the Freemasons' secret word for worshipping Satan, in your new novel about the Freemasons?
The Freemasons are the villains in your novel aren't they Dan?
Why didn't you mention Jahbulon in The Secret Key or whatever it's called Dan?
Did you know about Jahbulon?
You and your wife are supposed to be such great researchers Dan, so what happened to Jahbulon?
Dan, where's Jahbulon?
You have maliciously and mendaciously attempted to refute the divinity of Jesus while falsely depicting the Catholic church as a corrupt and murderous insitution, so why not give even a little mention to Jahbulon in your writings about the Freemasons since the Freemasons really do invoke Jahbulon as their lord and master?
You have used false theories which in fact were originally concocted by a French master forger to argue that great Catholic men throughout a thousand years of history all belonged to an anti Catholic organisation called the Priory Of Zion, an organisation which in actuality did not exist until the French forger established it with a few friends in the last century, an organisation which in truth has contained a grand total of nought great men and one very moderately accomplished forger, an organisation which the French forger established to promote himself and his lies about the Catholic church, lies you yourself have promoted to the detriment of the faith of millions of people, but why no mention of Jahbulon in your new book Dan?
Why have you never admitted to your readers that the French forger has admitted creating all the supposedly ancient Priory Of Zion documents himself?
Why have you never pointed out to your readers that the French forger is known to have deposited his supposedly ancient utterly faked and forged documents in French archives where he then pretended to discover what he himself had placed there?
Are you there Dan?
Who are you working for Dan?
How much are they paying you Dan?
What profiteth it a man if he sells a few drivel books and loseth his immortal soul?
What profiteth it a man if he causes someone else to lose their immortal soul?
Do you worship Jahbulon Dan?
Fond regards always.
James Healy


Blogger Chamki said...

why waste such strong emotion and anger on Dan, he is just a man and he can't change the truth. worry not, even if we enjoy his story, he cannot change the truth if what he says is untrue. Only by talking about it, he made us question and probably want to discover the truth.

well, thats how i like to look at it.

5:36 AM  
Blogger heelers said...

Hey Chammers.
You got me.
I wrote once that I was grateful to Dan Brown for prompting me to study the origins of the Christian faith more closely.
I have to admit I read up a little on the early history of the church, precisely because I suspected Dan Brown had an agenda to destroy people's belief in Jesus.
I found this research very rewarding.
So theoretically, yes, I might say, and have said, I feel a certain gratitude to Dan Brown because in struggling to answer his falsehoods, my own awareness of what I believe to be the truth was deepened.
But my assessment of Dan Brown is that he is not what he pretends to be.
He is not well intentioned.
He is not on the side of the angels.
At least not on the side of the angels of light.
Nor are his writings what he pretends them to be.
I think he is trying to do serious harm.
I submit my assessment for public consideration.
I cannot imagine any positive reason why a man who has alleged Jesus married Mary Magdalene and fathered children with her, a man who has promoted this plotline of his novels as a fact, a man who asserts that it's impossible to know the truth anyway so it's okay if we just make something up, whatever suits us, to fill in for truth, I can't understand why a man who claims his research is second to none, I can't understand why such a man would deliberately omit the name of the being Free Masons really do worship, to wit Jahbulon, the serpent of old, more properly known as Satan, an epithet meaning enemy of all mankind, I can't understand why Dan Brown in his commitment to entertaining the masses, would omit this highly entertaining, and actually true, plot twist from his novel about Free Masons.
It's extraordinary.
And perhaps it's something else as well.
I am angry sometimes when I write. Particularly when I write about Muslim attempts to conquer the world.
But I'm not really angry here.
When I write about Dan Brown I am trying to speak truth to power.
That is I am trying to speak the truth to those powers in the media which promote and profit from Dan Brown's attempts to undermine the ancient faith. (Hint: By ancient faith, I am not referring to any religion established by Henry The Eighth.)
And I am also trying to speak the truth about whatever power lurks behind Dan Brown.
I am suggesting quite deliberately and explicitly that the power behind him is satanic.
I am content that the public, including you, will subject my views to due scrutiny.
Let truth be told.
And let heaven rain.

5:05 PM  

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