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Monday, November 02, 2009

from the heelers emails

----- Original Message -----
Dear James.
Please take a look at my continuing work in Mexico, recently transferred from Chiapas to Oaxaca. Please scroll down below the pictures to get the information you need to help. We are hoping to get items in time to take to the Mixe village in the mountains by Christmas. The link below will also provide links to the exact materials we need.

You can send donations to:

Lorena Cassady
c/o Guillermo Merino
Calvario 301
Oaxaca 68080

Many thanks,

Heelers Note: This is from my most improbable correspondent. Authoress, teacher, photographer, left wing activist Lorena Cassidy. Our literary friendship faltered because of my gentle attempts to secure the defeat of Mr Barack Hussein Obama in the American Presidential elections. All I can say folks, is if you choose to help her, the money will be going where it's needed. This is one charity that doesn't spend its donations and receipts on big cars for the Chief Executive.


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