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Friday, November 06, 2009

rivers of blood

Update on The Muslim Attack On Fort Hood.
As news of yesterday's attack unfolded, media group CNN immediately began pushing the utterly false story that perhaps the killer was a soldier who had served in Iraq and had been under stress due to war weariness and post traumatic stress disorder.
It is difficult to speak in my customarily measured tones about CNN's motivations for launching such a canard so early in the massacre.
CNN avoided the mention of Muslims and Al Qaeda throughout its reportage even when the name of the murderer was known.
CNN has also avoided taking responsibility for planting the egregiously false story about post traumatic stress syndrome.
The murderer didn't have it.
Because the murderer never served overseas in a battle zone.
Funny eh?
It's funny enough to make you weep.
A day later, the Irish Times has also managed to report the whole massacre without once mentioning Muslims, Al Qaeda, Islam or terrorism.
A new high point in journalistic obscenity.
Well done CNN.
Well done Irish Times.
No doubt when the world is under the jackboot of Sharia Law, your hero Osama Bin Laden will present you with the prestigious Order Of The Golden Suicide Vest.
For services rendered to inhumanity.
Fox News meanwhile were disseminating false statements put out by the murderer's family, clearly designed to give him a cover.
That's Fox.
The supposedly conservative network.
Difficult to resist a scoop, eh Fox?
But not such a scoop really.
Allowing the murderer's Muslim family to run pass defence for him on the night of his murders.
Not a scoop at all.
And that's Fox.
The pseudo right wing network owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns Sky the appeaserish pseudo left wing network.
I guess whatever happens in the war against Muslim terror armies, old Rupert is going to come out in front.
Show me the way to the vomitorium.
For a true insight into what was going on at Fort Hood, it was necessary to go to our enemies, Russia Today the anti American television station run for and on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Russia Today stated simply: "The highest likelihood is that this is an Islamic terrorist attack. For some time now Al Qaeda cells in the United States have been seeking ways to attack American military bases. In recent months the Americans have disrupted and captured several Al Qaeda cells which were at advanced stages of preparation for such attacks."
This was on Russia Today.
The truth.
I didn't see that one coming.
Everybody else lying, or deliberately concealing the truth which is worse than lying.
And then along come the Russians.
The only ones with the bawls to tell us the truth.
Yes, Russia Today deigned to tell us where it's at.
More details about the murders at Fort Hood flooded in.
The FBI released a deliberately misleading preliminary statement suggesting that the murders were not a terrorist attack.
The FBI did not inspire confidence with this outdated politically correct nonsense.
In fact the FBI under President Obama has reverted almost entirely to the pre Nine Eleven Clinton Culture that gets our people killed.
They don't ask and they don't tell.
That is to say, they don't ask if the killers are Jihadis and they don't tell us if they are.
Very groovy of them.
No terrorism here.
Move along folks.
The story developed quickly.
The murderer's name was revealed.
Hassan Malik.
Now there's a name to conjure with.
This cheap little Muslim Al Qaeda coward had been permitted to serve in the American army as a psychiatric doctor with the rank of Major.
No doubt some groovy recruitment officer failed to ask him if he was a Muslim terrorist with a murder fetish when he joined up.
This coward Muslim infiltrator and his family and relatives and friends had been permitted to remain in the army and in the United States in spite of his reputation as a supporter of our enemies in the War On Terror.
It emerged that he was known to have openly condemned America on the military base where he was employed.
It emerged that he had made no secret of his detestation of President Bush nor of his opposition to the American missions against Islamic terror in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And he was let stay in the army and in the country.
Bloody hell.
This is craziness.
And now this coward Muslim Al Qaeda murderer has done what we all knew he would. He has murdered a bunch of soldiers in cold blood.
The initial reports that the murderer himself was dead, were false.
He is in custody.
No doubt his lawyers are already on the way.
The initial death toll was also understated.
It now stands at thirteen.
President Obama came on television to tell us how horrified he was by the violence of the attack.
Barack Obama.
Specialist subject: The bleedin obvious.
Lotsa blood.
Lots of our blood.
As mentioned previously Hassan Malik's relatives also came on television.
Lying blithely with lustful Islamic abandon.
As the CNN theory about war fatigue collapsed, yet another crassly false theory, intended to exonerate the murderer, now hove into view.
The family of Muslim Al Qaeda agent Hassan Malik claimed live on air that Hassan Malik had been subjected to bullying in the army.
There made suggestions that he'd been inappropriately denied promotions.
They moved awful quick.
The family of Hassan Malik.
The bodies weren't yet cold and Hassan Malik's family were already accusing the victims of bullying.
Muslims really have mastered the art of victim culture to a wondrously high degree.
Poor little Muslim Major Hassan Malik.
Did the evil American soldiers upset diddums?
So the Muslim family of the Al Qaeda assassin at Fort Hood were already playing the victims on national television on the night of the murders.
They were fully confident that the would not be arrested, executed or expelled.
It really is time we shook their confidence on these matters.
If Hitler had been given the same freedoms we accord Muslim Al Qaeda members, when he tried to take over the world, he would have taken over the world
If Hitler's sleeper agents had been permitted to join the American army, murder American soldiers, and then have their relatives parade on national television accusing the American army of bullying, he would have taken over the world.
If Hitler had been facilitated in his operations by CNN, Time Magazine, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the British media, the French media, and even the provincial little Irish Times, if he'd had the sort of aid these clowns give Al Qaeda, Hitler would indeed have taken over the world.
It was not to be.
Hitler lived in different times.
Hitler's sleeper agents never managed to kill any American soldiers.
Hitler's sleeper agents were all rounded up and detained for the duration of World War Two.
Along with any Japanese and German nationals even remotely suspected of harbouring pro Nazi views.
No one obsessed too much about discerning which Germans were Nazis and which were not.
There was zero tolerance for Nazis going on television to condemn our soldiers.
Today's Al Qaeda Muslims unfortunately find themselves with a surfeit of freedoms, civil rights and legal protections when they come here to murder us.
They will continue to take advantage of the favourable reporting of CNN, the manifold treacheries of liberal Judges and liberal Defence Lawyers and liberal Michael Mansfield QC's, the whole hearted Lord Haw Haw style assistance rendered by the likes of Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Michael Moore et al, and the generalised incompetence of President Barack Obama.
And Hassan Malik, murderer of thirteen soldiers, can look forward to years of frivolous legalistic game playing in the court system because President Obama in his warm hearted humanity has closed Guantanamo Bay.
Nor need the Al Qaeda loving Hassan Malik family and their fellow sleeper agents ever fear arrest or deportation or execution.
They're on easy street.
They know their rights.
It's. Time. To. Put. A. Stop. To. This.


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Putin is not the President of Russia. He's Prime Minister.
Avid Fan

2:49 AM  
Blogger heelers said...

Ah he's the President alright.

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