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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

watching the defectives

The Irish Times published a supplementary magazine this week groovily titled Our World In The Classroom.
Strictly speaking the Irish Times didn't publish it.
Strictly speaking I did.
Because the Irish Times doesn't have the cash to publish diddlysquat having just lost a hundred million dollars over the past year, and looking set fair to lose a hundred and a half million more this year.
The Irish Times only obtained funding for today's white elephant of a magazine through the largesse of the Irish government's Department Of Foreign Affairs.
Since the Department Of Foreign Affairs has no money of its own, it uses government money borrowed against me when it wants to get into newspaper publishing.
Yes, the Department Of Finanace is now giving money to the Irish Times, which it has borrowed against me and the citizens of Ireland.
We're all, without consultation and against our will, helping finance the child propaganda wing of the Irish Times.
So let's put it this way.
The Irish Times published this groovy, nay cretinous, pseudo environmentalist hodge podge with my money.
You know folks, something has got to give.
These people are starting to annoy me.
The magazine was a joyless gloop of vague liberal platitudes, spiced with Green Party niceties and fake human rights activism.
All geared towards children.
All geared towards turning little children into good socialist drones who will never have an original opinion or insightful thought over the course of their entire lives.
The whole amounted to a staggeringly banal publication.
One page featured a list of Millennium Development Goals.
These were all groovy internationalist aspirational nonsense about controlling the weather, abolishing poverty, and surprise surprise, creating a global partnership.
At no point do the Millennium Goals mention the necessity of ending regimes such as Robert Mugabe's dictatorship in Zimbabwe, the Islamist murderocracy in Sudan, the permanent civil war waging Marxian government of Jose Maria Dos Santos in Angola, the psycho killer commie rulers of Congo, Libya, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Burmah, Laos, or any where else.
The Irish Department Of Foreign Affairs, the Irish Times and the United Nations are going to abolish poverty without abolishing psychotic murderous Islamist Marxian dictatorship.
Hilarious no?
The Irish Department Of Foreign Affairs, the Irish Times, and the United Nations are going to empower women without ever confronting the Saudi Arabian government whose religious police beat fifteen women with whips back into a blazing building from which they'd fled, beat em back so that they were all burnt alive, and did it for the simple Islamic reason that the girls had fled the fire without putting on their veils.
The Irish Department Of Foreign Affairs, the Irish Times and the United Nations are going to achieve universal child education without ever destroying Al Qaeda and the Taliban who execute children, throw acid in the eyes of little girls, and hack the heads off school teachers for the crime of going to school.
Let's face it gentle travellers of the internet.
The Irish Department Of Foreign Affairs, the Irish Times, and the United Nations are never going to help anyone.
There will be no poverty abolished on their watch.
There will be no rights established for women and children because of their advocacy.
There will be no achievements whatsoever to rank against their names.
The only ones they will help are themselves.
And maybe the occasional Muslim terror army.
Aside from that, the oppressed peoples of the planet earth are on their own.
The only hope for any of the children, women, men, governments and countries I've mentioned, was the Americans under President George Bush.
And the Irish Department Of Foreign Affairs, the Irish Times, and the United Nations failed to back them.
It's a rum world indeed.
The Irish Department Of Foreign Affairs, the Irish Times and the United Nations never for a moment suspect that the cause of poverty in the third world is the fifty years of institutionalised murder that third world citizens have had to endure at the hands of their own communist and Islamist rulers.
There is no excuse for this.
There is no excuse for not seeing it.
This is the bleedin obvious.
How many millions more people have to bleed to death right in front of us before we take policy making away from liberal atheistic socialist environmentalist twits and recognise the reality that murderous dictatorships are inevitably impoverished simply because they impoverish themselves by murdering their own citizens.
Is there anyone in the Irish Times with even a smidgen of conscience?
Let alone intellect.
For even the basest intellect must suspect by now that the reason Africa is poor is its plethora of permanent warlord rulers.
Ditto Burmah.
Ditto Laos.
Ditto Cuba.
Ditto them all.
Here is the news.
Never in the history of humanity has the policy of throwing free money at murderers resulted in either a drop in the murder rate or an improvement in economic conditions.
Nor has the policy of giving my money to newspapers with no readership ever resulted in the creation of a vibrant sustainable media industry.
Nor has the policy of giving dictatorial powers to Green Party idiots ever resulted in a genuine ability to control the weather.
Nuff said.


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