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Thursday, November 05, 2009

the muslim attack on fort hood

News coming in.
It's just happened.
The media reports aren't mentioning Muslims.
My instincts are that this is another Muslim attack on America and the world.
Eleven dead.
At least thirty wounded.
One Al Qaeda Muslim murderer is also dead.
Two Al Qaeda Muslim murderers are in custody.
The media are dancing around the corpses.
Dancing around the truth.
Nobody is mentioning Muslims.
But I'm saying it was Muslim.
We'll know soon enough.
One thing is sure.
The captured Al Qaeda agents won't have to worry about being water boarded for information under the humane Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.
The captured Al Qaeda murderers won't have to worry about any extraordinary renditions out of the United States.
The captured Al Qaeda psycho terror killers won't have to worry about being sent to the one prison showboating terrorists don't like going to, namely Guantanamo Bay.
Thank you Barack Hussein Obama.
Thank you liberal Judges of America and Europe.
Well bloody done.
Very bloody indeed.
As I write this the American House of Representatives is getting ready for a moment's silence in honour of the dead.
They should hang their heads in shame.
The American House of Representatives should be ashamed for failing to back former President George Bush to the hilt in the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The American House of Representatives should be ashamed for permitting President Barack Hussein Obama to close Guantanamo Bay, retreat in Iraq, and delay the deployment of troops to Afghanistan.
The American House of Representatives should be ashamed for forcing American soldiers to accept Muslim Al Qaeda infiltrators in the ranks and among their officers.
And anyone in the Judiciary or political or journalistic spheres in America and Europe, anyone at all who has attempted to help Al Qaeda over the past eight years by sneering at President Bush's attempts to protect us, well, you should be most ashamed of all.
The blood of heroes is on your hands.


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