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Monday, November 16, 2009

who is roland emmerich and why is he trying to help al qaeda

Roland Emmerich is the director of Independence Day, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, and the new movie 2012.
When I saw Independence Day it occurred to me that the director appeared to enjoy showing the destruction of iconic landmarks in the western world.
I was concerned that his depictions could be incitement to terrorism for Jihadis.
It is interesting to note that the lead actors in Independence Day (Will Smith, Jeff Goldblume and Bill Pullman) who so heroically fought against non existent space aliens in that movie, have been much shyer about taking a stand against the very real Muslim Jihad terror army that threatens all our freedoms at the moment.
In fact these brave actors have spent the years since Nine Eleven sitting at home in their plush Hollywood pent houses, making snide remarks about President Bush.
I only saw a few minutes of Godzilla.
It starred Ferris Bueller.
Ferris also has been about as useful in the War On Terror as a reticent Jeff Goldblume on a bad hair day.
It seemed to me that in Godzilla director Emmerich was deliberately contriving set pieces where American soldiers were killed in humiliating ways.
I was disquieted by these representations.
They were not subtle.
I was not surprised a few years ago when Emmerich released The Day After Tomorrow which was a film intended to uphold failed Presidential candidate Al Gore's cretinous ideas that the weather is our real enemy and not the Muslim terror armies committing mass murder in our midst.
Now Emmerich has released another apocalyptic disaster movie entitled 2012.
The left wing Guardian newspaper and Mr Niall O'Dowd writing in The Star have pointed out that 2012 features a lot of destruction directed towards Christian icons and Christian people such as when the huge statue towering above Rio De Janeiro collapses, or the Vatican is destroyed, or fireballs engulf Christians praying with the Pope.
I am not a fan of the Guardian or the Star or Niall O'Dowd.
But at least in this instance they have pointed out a truth other newspapers and writers have been content to ignore.
There are no scenes of destruction and death involving the Muslim religion, Muslim buildings or Muslim people in the trailers for 2012.
This is not an accident.
Roland Emmerich is a director whose sole purpose for the past ten years has been to anaesthetise and distract the Free World with defeatist spectacles while giving succour any way he can to Al Qaeda.
The Guardian points out that Roland Emmerich's plush pent house apartment contains admiring portraits of mass murderers Chairman Mao and Saddam Hussein. It also contains caricatures sneering at Catholicism.
There's a clue there somewhere.
Roland Emmerich an enemy of freedom and an ally of Al Qaeda.
The movie 2012 is Al Qaeda propaganda.


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