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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

archbishop diarmuid martin's power play

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's power play within the Catholic Church in Ireland came to a head this weekend.
Before reporters and television cameras and specially chosen sex abuse victims who could be depended on to toe the Archbishop Diarmuid Martin line, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin read out a letter supposedly written by the Pope.
I have postulated that this letter was drafted by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin himself.
His former colleagues in the Vatican Diplomatic Corps would then have presented it for the Pope to sign.
The 82 year old Pope had been deliberately weakened in the run up to this by an orchestrated media attack suggesting the Pope had been personally remiss in his handling of a selected sex abuse case.
Ireland's highest ranking Catholic Church dignitary Cardinal Sean Brady had also been targeted in the same way at the same time, in order to leave the way clear for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to act as if Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was head of the Church in Ireland.
Let us be clear.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not speak for the Catholic Church in Ireland or anywhere else.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not have the confidence of the Bishops of Ireland whom he has attempted to ruin and drive from office at the behest of his media allies.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not have the confidence of Cardinal Sean Brady whom he has blatently attempted to ruin for the crime of not supporting Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's earlier attempts to ruin the Bishops.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not have the confidence of the faithful who by now recognise something very strange has taken up residence at the Archbishop's house in Dublin.
And Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not have the confidence of the Pope.
On Monday the anti Catholic newspapers were full of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's calls for extended Judicial investigations into the Catholic Church's handling of sex abuse cases.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin claimed that the investigations by Judge Yvonne Murphy must now be extended to every diocese in Ireland.
This is the power play.
It has become clear.
The Murphy commission is not in fact an investigation.
The Murphy commission is a permanent show trial intended to stampede the faithful away from their shepherds.
The sole purpose of the Murphy commission is to terminally weaken the Catholic Church and to remove it forever as a platform of influence for the people of Ireland.
The tiny minority of sex abuse victims who have actually been abused by priests, are merely tools in an atheistic kulturkampf being waged by Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, RTE, and shadowy members of parliament and the Judiciary.
The attempted insertion of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin as head of the Catholic Church in Ireland is a key move in this power play.
We are facing a cosmic battle.


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