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Sunday, March 21, 2010

anti catholic pogroms and the art of newspaper circulation maintenance

The newspapers have been failing.
It hasn't worked.
Their pogrom has backfired.
In the past when they launched an anti Catholic propaganda campaign, whether recycling old sex abuse allegations or campaigning for the legalisation of abortion, they might reasonably expect a slight though temporary increase in their readerships.
Now, nothing.
No cigar.
Their readerships continue to fall.
Through the floor.
That is why Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and even the non entity Daily Mail, have adopted a new strategy.
The deployment of token Catholics in their columns to attack the Catholic Church while protesting how much they love the Catholic Church.
Cynically maintaining their virulently anti Catholic persecutions, Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and The Daily Mail now each employ high profile token Catholics, more correctly understood as fake Catholics, in an attempt to convince Catholic readers to stay with them as the media persecution of the Catholic Church continues.
Thus we had the spectacle on Saturday of Daily Maily writer Kate Kerrigan claiming to be Catholic in one sentence and admitting she's an atheist in the next.
I read this with a wry smile.
Katie Kerrigan has never been a Catholic.
But now in return for hard cash from the Daily Mail, a Catholic she's claiming to be. Along with Brenda Power and Fiona Looney, she's peddling the same tired old line in the same tired old paper.
The sum total of Kerrigan, Power and Looney's spirituality being a selfless devotion to providing the Daily Mail with plausible deniability for its amoral anti Catholic irreligious hedonist pagan mercantilism.
The whole thing reeks of evil.
The Irish Times token Catholic, Breda O'Brien was also engaging in her specialised hand wringing routine on Saturday.
Willing to ascribe guilt to Cardinals and Bishops at a whim.
But always reminding us of how much she loves the church.
Hey Breda.
The only reason they pay you the sixty grand is because you allow them to pretend they're not a bigoted anti Catholic publication with no Catholic employees.
It's business Breda.
That's all they're interested in Breda.
You're helping the Nazis to hide in plain sight.
Over at the Irish Independent, token Catholic David Quinn is performing much the same function.
It must be more embarassing for David Quinn.
Independent Newspapers' anti Catholicism is extremist, rabid, hate filled, and malign.
Particularly when compared to the gentler more sophisticated pseudo intellectual bigotries of The Irish Times.
There's no subtlety in Independent Newspapers.
Subtlety is one thing I'll never accuse them of.
But Independent Newspapers holds pole position in the present conspiracy against the Catholic Church, a conspiracy that is only beginning to come into view.
It is Independent Newspapers religious affairs correspondent John Cooney who appears to be acting as some sort of handler for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, the machiavellian former diplomat that the media wants installed as head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
If the conspiracy had its beginnings among elements within the Irish Times and the Judiciary, it has had its loudest crassest most vile exponents in Independent Newspapers.
And still David Quinn soldiers on.
Collecting the top flight salary which Independent Newspapers considers he's worth because he enables them to pursue their arrant persecutions beneath a thin veneer of balance and credibility.
David Quinn is surrounded by scoundrels who are labouring shamelessly and shamefully to overthrow the Catholic Church.
But that don't bother David Quinn.
Like Breda O'Brien and the atheist Kate Kerrigan, he's only here for the beer.
I mean for the money.
David Quinn occasionally expresses mild dissent from the bigoted onslaught of his colleagues against Venerable Cardinals and Bishops.
But his dissent is expressed in a manner that never threatens to upset the apple cart or to cost him his lovely pay checque.
The money is good and the suntan is free, isn't that right David.
And at the end of the day.
Business is business.


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