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Sunday, March 21, 2010

the evil that men do

A while ago news reports came in that a niece of Gerry Adams was accusing Gerry Adams of covering up for his brother who had sexually abused her.
In my view there is no doubt that the niece is telling the full truth.
The niece stated that she had gone to Gerry Adams for help while she was being abused by Gerry Adams' brother and he had not helped her.
There is substantial evidence that the father of Gerry Adams also abused other siblings within the Adams family circle.
Gerry Adams for many decades was a leading terrorist in Northern Ireland.
There is much blood on his hands.
He has since appeared to renounce violence and leads the Sinn Fein political party which he says is committed to constitutional politics.
Gerry Adams' second in command in Sinn Fein is Martin McGuinness.
Martin McGuinness, now a government Minister in Northern Ireland, is also a former terrorist with much blood on his hands.
Let me state at this point as an Irish man that I personally welcome Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness to the political process. If they have sincerely repented of the murders and tortures they have been involved with as IRA terrorists, I absolutely forgive them.
With all my heart.
I note though that Martin McGuinness has continued to support Gerry Adams even after the revelations of Gerry Adams' niece about Gerry Adams' inaction to prevent rampant sex abuse within the broader Adams family circle.
When the news broke about sex abuse in Gerry Adams' family, I said quietly to my own father: "Did you ever think we would feel sympathy for Gerry Adams?"
For many years we like many other Irish people had abhorred the Adams family fetish for terrorism.
We had never known that while putting a nation through hell the Adams family had been living through hells of their own.
On to another matter.
The sum total of wrong doing which the media has sought to contrive and ascribe against Cardinal Sean Brady is that as a young priest Sean Brady took notes at a meeting where two teenage sex abuse victims gave depositions about the abuse they had suffered and were afterwards sworn to silence.
The media has claimed that because the young Sean Brady didn't rush from the meeting and inform the police, he is a concealer of child abuse.
The claim is fatuous and false.
And this week Martin McGuinness, the former terrorist with his hands steeped in blood, the same Martin McGuinness who has failed to speak against Gerry Adams' inaction over the abuses committed by Gerry Adams' brother, this very Martin McGuinness, and no other, has called for Cardinal Sean Brady to resign.
The irony is screaming.


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