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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bloody myers

Kevin Myers wrote in the Irish Independent at the weekend that Ireland in 1975 had been practically a Catholic State with no divorce or contraception and no discussion of abortion in our parliament.
The bad old days, eh Kev.
No murders either of course.
But I suppose you atheists think those evil Catholics found some way to hush all the murders up.
I was surprised Kevin Myers wrote as he did about Ireland in 1975.
An atheistic clype he may be.
But normally he is at least an atheistic clype who does his research.
Of course from 1975 up until a few years ago when he defected to the Irish Independent, Kevin Myers was up to his neck in the Irish Times campaign to destroy the Catholic Church.
So perhaps he's not an entirely objective assessor of the Church he has despised and sought to vitiate from his youth.
The Irish Times detestation of Catholicism was certainly well in swing by 1975.
The only occasions when The Irish Times wrote any way favourably about Catholicism was when atheistic pro Soviet leftist journalists such as Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's brother Seamus, were pretending that IRA terrorists somehow represented the aspirations of Catholic people in Northern Ireland.
Don't it make ya weep.
Nor was Ireland's urban culture generally Catholic.
A virulent anti clericalism had become prevalent in our big cities and universities from at least the 1960's.
The break down of law and order associated with 1960's sex culture had also made itself felt.
Crime gangs were already asserting themselves in Dublin and Limerick, extorting massive amounts of money from Ireland's major banks in return for allowing those banks to operate safely in city centre premises.
My sources say the banks were paying huge kickbacks to crime gangs from at least the 1970's.
By the 1980's the crime gangs would unleash a drugs holocaust on those same cities which was in part financed by the protection money the banks had given them.
The only connection to Catholicism in any of this, is that Catholic priests were the only ones who made any effort to minister to people in the inner city areas now being devastated by drugs.
There was no sign of Kevin Myers and his progressive sexually sophisticated oh so modern abortionist friends.
They were all out partying hearty.
Politically Ireland was no longer Catholic either.
From the 1960's, universities all over Ireland had been targeted for infiltration by hard left groups with links to Soviet Russia.
This infiltration included the academic establishment as well as student bodies.
Sinn Fein acted as a proxy for the Russians in infiltrating the Students Union movement in the 1970's.
Former 1980's Students Union chief Joe Duffy, who is presently a presenter on the anti Catholic broadcaster RTE Radio 1, has some very interesting stories to tell about his bedfellows during this period.
The reds weren't so much under the bed as in it, eh Joe.
But I digress.
(Too many eh's too. - Ed note.)
Kevin Myers is well aware of the anti Catholic leftist domination of university life in 1975, having attended university at this time and having previously imbibed all the anti Catholic cultural cretinisms of the era at his mother's teat.
His self image as a thinking man at war with a repressive Catholic society is far from the truth.
Kevin Myers was not a thinking man.
He was a conformist radical among a sea of conformist radicals.
None of them ever had an original thought in their lives.
And none of them ever had the balls to defend the unborn child.
By 1975 they were all of them slavering at the mouth for the murder of innocence.
Divorce in Ireland was legal in 1975 as Kevin Myers also knows.
It was called Divorce A Mensa A Toro.
Meaning divorce from the home and table.
It was divorce without the right to remarry.
This was an Irish way of discouraging the frivolous abandonment by males of their wives in later life, a category of desertion which has become oh so common in our country since those high minded enlightened sex mad activists from The Irish Times forced referendums in the 1980's and 1990's which finally scraped through with a less than one percent majority and of course resulted in full scale divorce legislation with the right to remarry and all the attendant social collapse and destruction of families that went with it.
Well done Kevin.
Well bloody done.
A lifetime championing conformist atheism.
And now at the end of your life you're going to champion the enslavement of the one true church.
You're a brave man Kevin.
By which I mean an abysmal coward.
You've seen all the atheistic half wits attacking the Catholic Church and you've leapt forward with the heroic battle cry of cravens everywhere: "Me too."
You're on the same side as John Cooney.
You're on the same side as Ian O'Doherty.
Amoebas Kevin.
Intellectual amoebas.
They perceive the taste of truth as little as a spoon perceives the taste of food.
Their undead souls will go down forever.
Come over to the forces of good Kevin.
Let's shake the pillars of this satanic conspiracy against the Catholic Church.
The air is clearer here Kevin.
The people are nicer.
And hey.
You get to go to heaven.


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